Final Fantasy XV info dump – Guess the heroes’ ages!

There once was a time when we looked adult to a expel of Final Fantasy, all those cold grown-ups doing grown-up things to save a world… during a proposal age of 21. I’m finally there, though. I’m many comparison than a typical Final Fantasy protagonist, maybe even aged adequate to scream during them to get off my lawn!

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata took fan questions during a many recent Active Time Report segment, and delivered a outrageous volume of information, substantially a final collection before we conduct into E3 2016. Also along with a information includes a brief autobiography of any of a dude-bros, including their age.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: Aug 30
  • Height: 176cm
  • Favorite Thing: Updating a game’s high score

Heir apparent to a Lucian throne, Noctis’s trials start when he sets onward from a climax city in sequence to marry a Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. In combat, he wields bright weapons that he forges from skinny air, a energy hexed by those of his stately line.

Ignis Scientia

  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: Feb 7
  • Height: 183cm
  • Favorite Thing: Inventing new food recipes

Ignis was lifted alongside Prince Noctis to be confidant to a successor apparent. An complete preparation instilled in him a resourcefulness and restraint compulsory for a role, his tactical astuteness proof useful over a march of a prince’s journey.

Gladiolus Amicitia

  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: Apr 2
  • Height: 198cm
  • Favorite Thing: Camping by Coleman

The Amicitia family has prolonged served as a defense safeguarding a kings of Lucis and their household, and Gladiolus is a eldest son. The bond he shares with Noctis transcends that of a bodyguard and his liege. With his supernatural strength, he stands ever prepared to keep his companions from harm.

Prompto Argentum

  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: Oct 25
  • Height: 173cm
  • Favorite Thing: Taking pictures

Fast friends with Noctis given they met as teenagers, Prompto is a immature male of common birth who finds himself out of his abyss when tragedy befalls Lucis. Nevertheless, he strives to lift some-more than his possess weight, lightening his companions’ burdens as good as their spirits.

And a information dump.

  • You can’t climb.
  • There is a system similar to a ability tree. You can also learn new abilities.
  • The diversion isn’t set in an open universe where we can freely go wherever we like. Since there is a categorical quest, a some-more we progress, a some-more places you’ll be means to go.
  • The movement isn’t really difficult. It’s an RPG by and through that everyone can enjoy. The diversion will have problem settings, that will be discussed some-more during E3.
  • The second part of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will come out around E3.
  • There are 7 forms of customary arms categories, and any difficulty has a accumulation of weapons. Combined with a Phantom Sword, there are even some-more categories within itself.
  • There won’t be a gallery mode in a final version, yet there are skeleton to make it after a diversion is finished. There are no skeleton for a camera mode.
  • Cars are faster than chocobos.
  • The white-hooded male from a E3 2013 trailer is still in a game.
  • In response to a user endangered about a “downgraded” graphics of a Platinum Demo, who asked when we’ll see a graphics of a tangible product, a response was “Please demeanour brazen to E3.”
  • On putting out an Ignis’ Cookbook: “If you’re in publishing, by all means make us an offer.”
  • There are no skeleton for an Ultimate Edition though a Noctis figure.
  • You can’t control a boat. You can control a camera, however.
  • There aren’t only 10 songs from prior Final Fantasy games to listen to in a car—there’s an contentment of songs to enjoy. Since there are law restrictions and such per country, being means to play your possess song in a diversion is a formidable thing to implement.
  • You can save during any time (not only during camp).
  • You can lapse to areas you’ve formerly visited so prolonged as it’s before a final boss.
  • You can quick transport by selecting stay sites and such from a map.
  • In response to “Why did we rise this diversion for 10 years?” Tabata pronounced it’s not like they motionless from the beginning that they were going to develop a diversion for that long.
  • Facial and hair designs for Prompto were altered after receiving disastrous feedback so that users around a universe would better receive a game.
  • Hajime Tabata’s favorite impression is Noctis, and Akio Ofuji’s is Prompto.
  • There are no skeleton to recover a Soldier-style Cloud dress from a Final Fantasy VII film as downloadable content.
  • You’ll get a “Game Over” if we destroy to land a automobile from flight. It’s not that difficult, though.
  • There are many tools formed on a genuine practice of a staff. Some of it is also shabby by a outing to Europe that Tabata went on in his 20s.
  • You can give chocobos buffs by meals.
  • The Lucis government is a accessible one. Compared to a Shinzo Abe administration… “let’s stop there.”
  • Tabata wants to release a bundle, yet that’s adult to Sony Interactive Entertainment. He’d like if it could happen.
  • After growth on a diversion wraps up, Tabata betrothed SaGa creator Akitoshi Kawazu that he would transparent Final Fantasy II.
  • Tabata is formulation a countdown to midnight recover live tide on Sep 29.
  • Tabata attributes Noctis celebration Ebony in Brotherhood to a function of a immature chairman celebration coffee to be cool, since Noctis says he hates it in Episode Duscae.
  • The name Ebony, that is both a name of a growth apparatus and Ignis’ favorite coffee, comes from a tone black, that is a pivotal color of Final Fantasy XV (and a tone a coffee). Since there’s already an Ebony Coffee in New Zealand, they competence not be means to use a name overseas.
  • Justice Monsters‘ recover timing will be announced immediately following E3.
  • A “Day 0 Edition” Active Time Report is designed for Jun 13, a day before E3.

Final Fantasy XV launches for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.

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