‘Final Fantasy XV’ Gets Ready to Party With Mod Organizer, Party Pack DLC and More

Square Enix has good news for Final Fantasy XV fans, with tons of new content en track this June.

The initial bit of calm streamer to Final Fantasy XV is a Party Pack for a Comrades multiplayer expansion. It contains cosmetic icons including birthday eyeglasses and special masks that demeanour like a 4 Chocobros. (“I adore we so much, we wore a mock-up of your strength to infer my devotion!” “Okay…”) The Party Pack is dropping on Jun 5.

Next, on Jun 6, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will launch for Windows 10.

Finally, on Jun 7, PC users will be happy to hear a Mod Organizer will finally be available. This is a central mod apparatus for Final Fantasy 15, with a turn editor due for a tumble 2018 release.

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On Jun 7, a new refurbish will concede players to skip cutscenes. It also comes with some bug fixes and a new recipehhhh.

Final Fantasy XV will continue to accept story DLC updates via summer 2019. According to Square Enix’s Pax East panel, a new calm focuses on an swap existence of a categorical Final Fantasy XV star — “a destiny everybody longed for,” according to row members. In a new plot, there’s even a probability of Ardyn and Noctis being friends. D’aww.

Here’s a devise so far:

Episode 1 – Ardyn: This DLC promises to lift a screen on Ardyn’s struggles and a source of his rancour opposite Lucis, a rancour nurtured over thousands of years. It also touches on a Astrals.

Episode Side Story – Aranea: This side story shows us Aranea’s No Good, Very Bad Day: a final day of a Empire. In Aranea’s DLC, we’ll see a Starscourge from Niflheim’s perspective.

Episode 2 – Lunafreya: In this DLC, we’ll see how Lunafreya fights to save a ones she loves, that eventually changes Noctis’ destiny.

Episode 3 – Noctis: This DLC takes place after Noctis tools ways with a Astrals. He contingency continue one final conflict in sequence to offer his people, since we theory failing isn’t enough? Isn’t all of Final Fantasy XV one giant, extended “Episode Noctis,” anyway?

There are some-more updates entrance to a core diversion this open as well:

  • Players can dump equipment for others to find

  • Players can switch Noctis with a tradition character

  • Players can see a ‘ghost’ of other tradition characters

In addition, a Comrades multiplayer enlargement will accept a brawny refurbish with raid bosses and conflict challenges. For some-more details, check out some-more Pax East row sum from Square Enix here.

What are we many looking brazen to when it comes to a stretched Final Fantasy XV content? Feel giveaway to let us know in a comments territory below.

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