Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Gameplay Trailer is 6-Minutes of Corridor Shooting

Square Enix has expelled a initial correct demeanour during a nearing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto DLC, with 6 mins of third-person shooter gameplay, featuring a eponymous protagonist tooled-up with an attack purloin and rocket launcher.

Episode Prompto will be nearing after this month alongside a new refurbish that adds a Regalia Type-D, giving we a ability to expostulate off-road by several environments. Episode Prompto will also be followed adult by third expansion, Episode Ignis during a after date.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto will be rising on 27th June, accessible as a second enlargement with a Season Pass. Check out a mezzanine shooter gameplay we can design from a nearing DLC in a new trailer below.

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