Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn DLC Gets New Videos Showing Ardyn’s Powerful Moves

With Final Fantasy XV’s final DLC Episode Ardyn about to strike a digital storefronts, Square Enix common some-more footage.

Over two tweets posted recently, a developer showcased dual of a energy that Ardyn will be means to unleash in his query for revenge.

The initial is a traversal energy activated by regulating a energy of a Shigai (demons). Ardyn can fly openly over a map during high speed and pierce openly opposite insomnia around shade travel to any indicate of a map.

The second shave shows how he can use his energy to spin enemies into Shigai and vacate them. This can occur with a finisher pierce during a finish of a sequence of 5 attacks, or after a combo instituted from behind. The some-more he does this, a some-more powerful he becomes.

You can see both clips enclosed in a video below. Unfortunately, a peculiarity is flattering bad due to a Twitter source, though it should be adequate to give we a good thought of how Ardyn’s powers work.

The DLC will launch Mar 26 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll cost 926 and taxation in Japan.

If we wish to see more, we can also suffer a lot some-more information and a initial screenshots of Episode Ardyn, alongside a relocating anime voluntary expelled by Square Enix a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see the canceled “A New Dawn” DLC series beyond Episode Ardyn using on a possess consoles, though a novel is coming, expected presenting that happy finale that many of us crave.

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