Final Fantasy XV Director’s Next Project Has Already Been Started; Post-Launch Feedback Helped The Team Notice …

Hajime Tabata has been operative intensely tough on Final Fantasy XV, and his pursuit wasn’t finished even when a diversion expelled final year, as he and his group are perplexing to urge a diversion with new story sequences and facilities introduced by updates. It seems like a game’s executive won’t be removing rest anytime soon, as his subsequent plan has already started, notwithstanding previous claims.

Speaking with Game Revolution, Hajime Tabata reliable that his subsequent plan has already started. He apparently couldn’t speak about it, though it sounds like it’s not particularly associated to Final Fantasy XV.

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GR: So you’d cite to start a new project, but how bustling are we with Final Fantasy XV DLC and things? When would a new plan start ?

TABATA: It’s already started.

GR: Really?


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GR: What can we tell me about it?

TABATA: Well, of course, we can’t tell we anything right now.

In a same interview, Hajime Tabata has been asked about a barbarous Final Fantasy XV tract holes, that are being filled with updates and DLC. Apparently, a group didn’t notice them until a diversion was released, as they were only entirely focused on removing a diversion out and make certain that a core knowledge worked.

While building a game, adult until release, we didn’t have that awareness. It was tough to see (things that compulsory some-more explanation). What we valued many rarely was that core knowledge of goin gon a tour with your friends. In sequence to comprehend that, we wanted to have adequate calm in there to make it feel right and to feel like that works. We were some-more disturbed about, “If that’s a full 100%, how most is that is story, combat, a adventure?”

We put all we had into it. We put a lives on a line. We were like madmen only perplexing to finish a game. At that time, we only couldn’t see outward of that, only had to concentration on removing a diversion out. Obviously, after we expelled a game, we started removing feedback, and afterwards we started to comprehend maybe some things weren’t as entirely explained as they could’ve been.

Tabata also combined that a group did consider about what could have been finished to urge a game, though they reached a indicate where they only had to stop and finish a game’s development. Going behind and repair what is wrong with it, however, has proven to be a training knowledge for a team.

Final Fantasy XV is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will recover on PC subsequent year.

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