Final Fantasy XV Director Elaborates On Nintendo Switch Port; To Get More Meaningful Story Content Next Year

Last week, Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata talked about a probable Nintendo Switch pier of a full game, mentioning that a group has been articulate with Nintendo and even Epic about a intensity partnership. In a uninformed interview, a game’s executive serve elaborated on a matter.

Speaking with Famitsu, as translated by Reddit user xXRaineXx, Hajime Tabata reliable that there are now no plain skeleton to recover Final Fantasy XV on Nintendo Switch, and they’re now usually doing some tests to see if they should continue to optimize a engine or pierce over to a Unreal Engine.

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Q. Lastly, over in a West, information has turn confused on either FFXV is entrance or not entrance on a Switch. What do we have to contend about this?

A. Ahh, yeah, it’s gotten unequivocally confusing. We shouldn’t means difficulty with other companies, though we am going to contend this bluntly.

We have ”no” skeleton during this stream time to recover FFXV on a Switch

Never a less, a Switch is a hardware that we adore as well. We are however contrast to see what can be done and a record during this time. Currently we are regulating an engine that we have combined and we are deliberation either if we should continue to optimize a engine for a hardware or it’s improved to use Epic’s Unreal Engine. In this conditions Nintendo and Epic are both pity a weight. ……And somehow observant this to a world, for some reason people insincere we were creation a Switch version. we won’t repudiate a probability of a future, though unequivocally we unequivocally overtly don’t have any plans.

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For now, a idea is to recover a Pocket Edition and PC Edition for a new assembly to suffer and concede existent fans to continue to suffer with additional content. We only wish people to suffer a FFXV Universe subsequent year.

In a same interview, Hajime Tabata also talked about calm entrance to a diversion subsequent year, and it seems like it will be utterly meaningful, giving players a reason to come behind to a game. A roadmap for a 2018 DLC calm and updates will be common in Nov if a group can start operative on it as shortly as Episode Ignis is released.

Q. In regards to a updates essence to serve raise a story in 2018;

A. We are not observant that we are going to simply lift out additional bound DLC, we are formulation to do things that are deeply concerned in a core story of a game. We wish to do something… where it gives a actor a suggestive reason to play it again, or something like that. In regards to a volume of content, looking during a stream development, we are looking during around a volume of 4 DLC packs value of calm during maximum. As a AAA title, we consider this is a limit. With this, we are going over on what we should deliver.

Final Fantasy XV is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. The PC chronicle will recover someday subsequent year.

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