Final Fantasy XV Devs Discuss Mod Support, Which May Come to More Square Enix Titles

Mod support has prolonged been a tack of Western RPGs, yet Japanese RPGs have mostly shunned mods in preference of charity a locked-down experience. Final Fantasy XV breaks with that tradition – a PC chronicle of a diversion offered singular mod collection during launch, and there are skeleton to severely enhance support in a future. New collection will let fans emanate their possess events, missions, and even quirky new modes. In an talk with GameSpot, Square Enix live services manager Shigefumi Tanaka explained why a publisher is finally embracing mods with Final Fantasy XV

“We’re doing a mods […] to give some kind of tie with players around a world. Even yet it’s not a multiplayer experience, it still gives a feeling of we being concerned in something bigger, and only that two-way ensue in terms of providing some-more story calm yet also only providing things on a some-more day-to-day turn for people to only suffer and emanate their possess customized knowledge is how we’re looking during a residue on this XV timeline.

The turn editor is going to give a players ability to emanate small events on their own. […] Just a fact that we’re gonna be vouchsafing players select their approach of enjoying a diversion [through tradition content] is something that we’re looking brazen to seeing. For us, we only wish to yield a height for players to take advantage of all a mod collection that are gonna be expelled from us, and afterwards have them only go furious with it, have fun and, only unequivocally suffer their possess experiences.”

Interestingly, it sounds like Final Fantasy XV won’t be a final SE diversion to underline mods.

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“I cruise [mod support] is something we always cruise if it’s right for that sold diversion and that sold project. we cruise we’re gonna be unequivocally meddlesome in saying what those fan reactions are, too. Once a collection are all out there and we get to see how it plays out, we’ll see how we wish to ensue with it. In general, we cruise many Square Enix titles don’t unequivocally open themselves adult to mods, officially. It’s a initial in many ways. we cruise this will be maybe environment a new customary or maybe during slightest promulgation adult a new form of gameplay ideas for us in a future.”

Square Enix haven’t specified when accurately a new Final Fantasy XV PC mod collection are coming, yet they’re approaching to be part of a game’s 2019 line-up of content.

Final Fantasy XV is accessible on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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