Final Fantasy XV sum diversion flow, conflict system

■ Titan and Niflheim Army Battle (Playable during E3)

In a universe of Final Fantasy XV, there are vast beings famous as “Astrals.” By exhibiting to them your strength, they’ll lend we their energy to use in battle.

Final Fantasy XV

The Titan Astral, that carries a outrageous stone on a back, lives sensitively somewhere in a world. But a Niflheim army plots to use a troops competence to kill a Titan. Noctis and organisation will rush into this conflict between a Niflheim army and a violent Titan. And if a organisation exhibits their strength to a Titan as expected, they’ll be means to steal a power.

■ Game Flow

(1) Take on a Quest

Go to a area designated on a map.

Final Fantasy XV

(2) Carry Out a Quest

By carrying out a game’s categorical quests, a story will advance.

Final Fantasy XV

(3) Take a Detour

While following a story directly is all good and good, there are sub-quests and beast confinement missions all over. The actor has sum freedom.

Final Fantasy XV

(4) Camp and Level Up

In a universe of Final Fantasy XV, a time and continue change in genuine time. Since it’s dangerous during a nighttime, we should stay when after sunset. When camping, you’ll be means to see all a knowledge points we warranted during a day and turn up.

Final Fantasy XV

(5) Make Meals to Gain a Edge in Battle

You’ll benefit standing buffs by eating a food Ignis cooks while camping. The effects postulated will change formed on a food.

Final Fantasy XV

(6) Travel by Various Means

There are a accumulation of methods of transport in a vast universe of Final Fantasy XV, including on foot, by car, chocobo, boat, and so on.

Final Fantasy XV

■ Battle / Shift

The Lucis stately family have an disdainful ability called “Shift” that allows them to pierce by warping. While this ability can be openly employed in battle, it will devour MP.

Map Shift

During conflict we can chuck your arms and now Shift to where it lands. Places we can Shift to are indicated with an icon, and a Shift can be achieved now with a singular press of a button. You can use Shift to take cover in high places to fast revive HP and MP, that will infer effective when outnumbered.

Final Fantasy XV

Shift Break

You can also Shift to conflict enemies that you’re sealed on to.

Final Fantasy XV

■ Battle / Assault

You can automatically conflict (attack) a rivalry with a singular press and reason of a button. A rapid conflict will reveal as we switch between weapons in genuine time.


Press and reason a conflict symbol to continue attacking.

Weapon Summon

You can set a accumulation of weapons in allege that will switch in and out while fighting.

D-Pad Weapon Switch

There are dozens of weapons in Final Fantasy XV. You can now switch between weapons formed on a rivalry and situation. There are also puzzling weapons that still haven’t been revealed.

Weapon Types

—One-handed Sword

Its discerning transformation allows we to invariably conflict a enemy. The one-handed sword is an intensely easy to hoop arms done for maneuverability.

Final Fantasy XV

—Great Sword

A unequivocally complicated sword. Its transformation is delayed due to a size, though it can reap down several enemies in a singular pitch and understanding good damage.

Final Fantasy XV


Wield daggers in both hands to fast conflict and repairs a enemy. While daggers do reduction repairs than other weapons, you’re lighter on your feet so we can fast pierce around a enemy.

Final Fantasy XV


Damage a rivalry with a long, forked spear. The energy from a Shift Break stalk conflict competence make we consider you’re a Dragoon.

Final Fantasy XV


A defense can be versed with a one-handed sword. By equipping a defense and guarding opposite rivalry attacks, it’s probable to mangle a enemy’s stance.

Final Fantasy XV


Magic attacks, like “Fire,” are treated as weapons in Final Fantasy XV. By throwing a round sorcery arms in a instruction of a enemy, a compared sorcery conflict will be triggered.

Final Fantasy XV

—Phantom Sword / Shuriken

You can supply a large, ambidextrous shuriken, that can be used to conflict enemies during a distance. These attacks devour MP, however.

Final Fantasy XV

■ Battle / Guard Mode and Dodge Roll

You can automatically ensure with a singular press and reason of a button.


When holding a ensure button, you’ll automatically enter Guard Mode. Though we might still accept repairs when fortifying opposite a clever attack.

Final Fantasy XV


If we have acquired a “Evade” ability, you’ll automatically hedge attacks when in Guard Mode, that will devour MP. Additionally, if we hedge a enemy’s conflict with correct timing, you’ll be means to equivocate a conflict but immoderate MP and trigger a “Just Guard.”

Final Fantasy XV

Dodge Roll

With a discerning press of a ensure button, we can perform a evasion hurl to jump divided and equivocate an attack.

Final Fantasy XV

■ Battle / Parry

When we successfully ensure opposite an attack, an denote to resist a conflict will immediately follow. By triggering a resist with correct timing, we can perform a absolute opposite attack, that could understanding good damage.

Final Fantasy XV

■ Battle / Link

Depending on a situation, we can perform mild “Link” attacks with your allies.

Link Attack

By successfully parrying an conflict and behaving a resist counter, a Link Attack can also be triggered. There are several conditions to trigger a Link Attack.

Final Fantasy XV

Back Attack Link

When we successfully strike a rivalry from behind, that deals 1.5 times a normal damage, we might be means to trigger a “Back Attack Link” with your allies to understanding even larger damage.

Final Fantasy XV

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