‘Final Fantasy XV’ Crossover Event With ‘Shadow of a Tomb Raider,’ ‘Terra Wars’ Now Live

With Shadow of a Tomb Raider’s recent release, it’s a ideal time to fit adult as Lara Croft once some-more … arrange of. The latest crossover eventuality for Final Fantasy XV is now live move a star of Tomb Raider and Terra Wars over into Noctis’ universe.

This isn’t a initial crossover eventuality and hopefully it won’t be a final – generally given how interesting a prior Assassin’s Creed mashup was. The latest eventuality has dual categorical tools to it: One, where Noctis meets adult with Terra Wars’ Sarah for a code new questline.

The second partial brings Noctis and Lara Croft together with fun new outfits and low-pitched tracks. This partial of a crossover eventuality is done for Comrades, a multiplayer enlargement that lets players strap their possess character in a star of Final Fantasy.

“Customize your Glaive with rigging from a mythological Tomb Raider, Lara Croft! New avatar tools are now accessible for use in Comrades, and we’ve also combined Tomb Raider song marks to a song actor of a categorical game.”


For those personification on PC, a group over during Square Enix is also giving divided an disdainful Alienware Shield, that we can find right here on a game’s central Steam page. For some-more about a diversion itself now accessible on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC:

“In a matter of days, a Kingdom of Lucis is to pointer an armistice, finale a prolonged and sour dispute with Niflheim. Ahead of a ceremony, Prince Noctis, successor to a Lucian throne, sets onward from his homeland to formalize a kinship of states by his matrimony to a Lady Lunafreya of a majestic range of Tenebrae. The offer of peace, however, is no some-more than a device to reduce a Lucian shield, and a majestic army takes a climax city and a dedicated clear in one fell swoop. En track to his destination, Noctis is repelled to learn that he, his father a king, and his pledged are believed dead. Overnight, a dream of assent has faded into a apart memory. His star exploding around him, Noctis has zilch though his solve and his constant companions to see him by a trials to come.”

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