Final Fantasy XV cosplayers go off-road, level-up during real-life breakwater stay 【Photos】

Prompto, Noctis, Gladio and Ignis settle down around a fire, and demeanour good doing it.

In Final Fantasy XV, players can find areas called havens, indicated by tent icons on their maps, where they can rest and turn up. Cosplayers and dress and column designers KnowOne’s Designs, along with their friends from Frank and Nat’s Armory, decided to reconstruct this component of a diversion by holding their awesome costumes and environment adult stay underneath a beautiful starry skies of Arizona.

▼ Julius Photography’s illusory photos of both a cosplayers and a skies above make a real-life sky demeanour roughly practical in a beauty.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as their outing coincided with one of a dual nights of a year when a gloomy rope astronomers impute to as a Milky Way was many visible, something many people will have never seen since of a volume of light wickedness around many towns and cities. The overwhelming backdrop unequivocally brings these photos to life.

Noctis and Ignis are KnowOne’s Designs Jackie and Garrick Backer; Prompto and Gladiolus are Frank and Nat’s Armory’s Frank and Nat (funnily enough) respectively.

▼ Prompto, Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis in better-lit surrounds

▼ Here a organisation can be seen with formally over-sized weaponry, and Iris.
All a costumes were done by their wearers.

Whether they perceived a query come a morning, stays unknown. We’d like to consider that a dusk concerned a good Ignis-cooked dish and training, or during a really slightest a few drinks.

Phoenix, Arizona-based KnowOne’s Designs and Frank and Nat’s Armory both furnish props and costumes on elect and can be contacted by their websites or their Facebook pages below. If a extraordinary photos above have got we in a mood to try and make your really possess costumes and props, we’ve got some ideas for you: we can try your palm during swords, wigs, or even bulging muscles for your subsequent cosplay adventure!

Sources: KnowOne’s Designs, Facebook/KnowOnesDesigns, Frank and Nat’s Armory, Facebook/Frank and Nat’s Armory
Featured image: Facebook/KnowOne’s Designs

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