Final Fantasy XV “Comrades” Multiplayer Beta Update 1.02 Released; Beta Reopens Until Sunday

Today Square Enix expelled a new refurbish for a beta of Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer enlargement “Comrades.”

The patch is numbered 1.02 and a patch records simply discuss “various bug fixes.” A previous notice explained that a patch would urge a beta’s creatively unsure matchmaking.

For those who missed a strange beta round, a beta was also reopened today, and it will stay open until Sunday, Aug 13th to exam a new upcate.

If we have a deteriorate pass, though haven’t downloaded a customer yet, unfortunately it’s not accessible anymore, so you’re sealed out. You can still read all the information supposing by Square Enix, explaining how a beta differs from a final product that will be expelled some time down a line.

If we can’t play, we can during slightest suffer videos of a endless female impression creation and the one for males, that let we fundamentally emanate your possess Final Fantasy XV kingsglaive.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible for PS4 and Xbox One. At a impulse we have no information on when a “Comrades” multiplayer enlargement will be released, though it’s probable that we’ll hear some-more during Gamescom.

Recently we also listened a lot of new information about a arriving VR experience Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV.

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