Final Fantasy XV as it was meant to be played – with PS1 impression models

Since a initial rollout of central mod support for Final Fantasy XV on PC arrived, permitting players to reinstate impression and object models with whatever they liked, there have been many smashing – and not so smashing – creations available. 

Now, during last, one modder has done it so Final Fantasy XV can finally be gifted as it was meant to be played… with blocky, low-polygon models that were a tallness of record in a PS1 era, usually like how Cloud and pals seemed in Final Fantasy VII.

Modder Kyriya has combined gorgeous, corpulent indication replacements for all 4 categorical FF15 celebration members. She’s even converted their dear Regalia car, that facilities a smashing distraction of what pure textures looked like in games circa 1997.

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The ‘FFXV Regressed’ mod container is accessible on a game’s Steam Workshop channel, so it’s really easy to get them operative – simply click ‘Subscribe’ subsequent to all a mods and a new models will get automatically practical in-game. Bear in mind, FF15 usually now supports one deputy mod during a time for any character, so if we wish to supplement any some-more you’ll have to unsubscribe from these – or we can use a ‘outfit’ chronicle and supply it in a game’s Gear menu, that bypasses that problem.

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