Final Fantasy XV Announcements To Come During Gamescom

(Photo: Square Enix)

It seems that a news from new months and during E3 surrounding Final Fantasy XV isn’t finished being expelled nonetheless as it was settled currently in a news from Square Enix that some-more announcements for a diversion will come during this year’s Gamescom event.

Some of a time during a video news was directed during going over and elaborating on information that was expelled for a Final Fantasy game during E3, though some of a review drifted towards what was not pronounced during a conference.

“We’ve been really busy,” pronounced Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata about a game’s ongoing updates. “We contingency make it so that we can announce some correct good announcements for a summer, we wish to share some good information during Gamescom.”

What “good information” they devise on divulgence during a discussion in Germany isn’t famous during this time, though there’s substantially a good possibility that it’ll have something to do with a Episode Ignis DLC that should be entrance someday in a future. We’ve already seen a calm featured around Noctiscompanion Gladiolus in a Episode Gladiolus expansion, and a arriving DLC that’s already been suggested called Episode Prompto skeleton to do a same with Prompto’s character. Ignis is a final of a 3 companions that hasn’t nonetheless had his story discussed in DLC content, and with his already being reliable to come final in a trio, it would make clarity that his story would be discussed in Aug during a conference.

Episode Prompto recently got a trailer to uncover off some of a DLC‘s content, a trailer that showed that Prompto’s guns will many really play a large purpose in a gameplay. Prompto’s story is an romantic one, and his DLC appears to reflect that.

During E3, Square Enix showed off a new VR fishing member called Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV, so they might also have some-more on that underline or maybe other VR capabilities they wish to supplement to a game.

Gamescom will start on Aug. 22 in Germany and will run until Aug. 26, so some-more news from Square Enix will expected come then.

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