Final Fantasy XV anime explores Ardyn’s past before a recover of Episode Ardyn DLC

The subsequent playable calm entrance to Final Fantasy XV is Episode Ardyn. Experiencing a story from a viewpoint of Ardyn Lucis Caelum, players will be taken behind 35 years into Final Fantasy XV’s past, before a events of a game. 

Episode Ardyn follows a game’s knave “through being liberated from an extra-long life of seizure and entering a universe of darkness, to seeking reprisal opposite a Lucian stately family.”

When playing Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn, players will have control of Ardyn’s energy by regulating wicked abilities and drifting openly opposite a map. Ardyn is even means to pierce around a map with speed, by Shadow Stepping between points.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn

The anime voluntary above is a predecessor to Episode Ardyn and will set a stage for players watchful for a DLC. 

Episode Ardyn will be entrance to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Mar 26 and is a standalone, singular part DLC.

According to Square Enix;

Fans of FINAL FANTASY XV will also suffer encountering informed faces, despite younger versions than have been seen before as good as sparkling and essential new characters such as a scientist Verstael Besithia and a priestess Aera Mirus Fleuret.

Check out a video and get prepared to be bad when Episode Ardyn is released.

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