Final Fantasy XV: Adding Aranea Permanently To Your Party Is Child’s Play With This New Glitch; See How It Works …

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Looks like Final Fantasy XV players who are peaceful to give eyeteeth for Aranea will shortly have something to hearten about. Thanks to a recently unprotected glitch, players can make her a bound member of a party. This also encompasses Gladio after he reunites with a celebration from a specific partial in a game.

How To Obtain Aranea In Final Fantasy XV

First off, we contingency strech a partial of a diversion where Gladio abandons a party. The initial dual story events will pave Aranea’s approach into a group as we combine with her to transparent a dungeon, if what players during Reddit have detected is anything to go by. Aranea will leave a celebration as shortly as a pronounced cave is cleared. This is accurately when we have an event to partisan her again; however, this will not be finished around a required way.

Ideally, a best time for this is when Gladio earnings to a party. You need to revisit Cotisse area, that is located in a north of Hammerhead as shown in a video footage posted by YouTuber called Whimsic al. You are expected to confront Iron Giants while we try Cotisse. But tatter not; this is a vicious step in spawning a fan-favorite criminal and guest celebration member, Aranea, in Final Fantasy XV.

Usually, a Iron Giants make an coming in open areas during night. As shortly as we strike into these monsters, trigger a conflict regulating aggro. After that, lapse to Cotisse with a assistance of quick transport but carrying to fight. This is when Aranea will also be streamer behind to camp. Now, all we need to do is open a stay menu before she lands down.

After returning behind to a camp, she will be alighting down; however, do not design to see her in a celebration yet. The final step in receiving Aranea in Final Fantasy XV involves reloading a auto-save in a stay menu. Once done, she will not leave a celebration until there is a celebration reset in a story.

It is value observant that we will not be means to perform tasks such as fishing and do Tour quests while Aranea is nearby. In other words, it’s good to let her hang around with we in a post diversion instead. You contingency also bear in mind that Aranea can usually be private by going behind to a post-game tip dungeon.

Stay tuned in here for some-more Final Fantasy XV tips, tricks, and guides.

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