Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 4.1 brings play and a lapse to a universe of Final Fantasy Tactics

With a attention relocating towards free-to-play as standard, some competence frustrate during a thought of personification a subscription MMO, though Final Fantasy XIV has always been very good about vouchsafing we know where your subscription income is going in a form of large episodic updates each few months, accompanied with trailers that would outrider a full enlargement in any other MMO. The latest – Patch 4.1, entitled The Legend Returns – promises a thespian prolongation to a categorical story arc and one really sentimental warn for long-term array fans.

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The concentration of Patch 4.1 is a delay of a categorical story. As any Final Fantasy XIV unchanging will tell you, zero is ever elementary or clean-cut, and even happy endings have copiousness of event to spin sour. Despite a ransom of Ala Mhigo over a march of a Stormblood expansion, domestic army have been set in motion, and there are many groups with ambitions for a land. 

For myself, a biggest pull of this refurbish is a lapse to Ivalice, a universe of Final Fantasy Tactics. Cleverly framed as an epic theatre prolongation in a use of a travelling museum company, players will retell partial of a story in a form of a 24-man Alliance Raid Dungeon. Square-Enix have even brought behind some of a strange Tactics developers, including executive Yasumi Matsuno, to safeguard that a story is accurately retold.

Drama seems to be sequence of a day in The Legend Returns, with a Shinryu’s Domain trainer conflict removing a retelling in a form of a Minstrel’s Ballad; a rather detailed retelling of your past victory, that explains because this chronicle of a quarrel is significantly harder than we competence remember. Final Fantasy XIV’s crafty framing of aloft problem versions of aged calm is never brief of amusing.

On a reduction thespian note, there’s a new cave – The Drowned City Of Skalla – being combined to a mix,  a new actor housing segment opening a gates, a new MOBA-esque PvP mode (coming a small after in Patch 4.15), and some-more comic service entrance with a lapse of everyone’s favourite left-handed detective/man-of-mystery, Hildibrand. There’s some-more over that, including a lapse to a Binding Coil of Bahamut, though a full sum have nonetheless to be announced.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 is due for recover on Oct 10th, and will need a actor to possess a strange diversion as good as both expansions – Heavensward and Stormblood – and have finished them both.

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