Final Fantasy XIV’s Nier Automata Raid Is Spectacular

Final Fantasy XIV is no foreigner to crossover events. Whether that’s a possibility to chill with Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis or conflict in Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ivalice, there have been copiousness of cold stories and formidable bosses. The latest challenge, a outrageous 24-player raid, adds a dash of Nier Automata and competence be a best yet.

Final Fantasy XIV facilities 24-player dungeons called “alliance raids” that engage 3 groups of 8 teaming adult to improved formidable bosses. These raids have enclosed strange stories about enchanting towers and atmosphere pirates, though they infrequently engage guest writers. The final raid array “Return to Ivalice” had 3 opposite raids that brought in Final Fantasy Tactics’ Yasumi Matsuno for a story regulating elements from Final Fantasy XII and Tactics. The newest raid series, combined for a Shadbowbringers expansion, is called YoRHa:Dark Apocalypse and features Nier Automata director Yoko Taro and writer Yosuke Saito as guest creators.

How in a ruin does Nier end adult in Final Fantasy XIV? It usually does. The story so distant involves a span of forward dwarfs who learn a bureau underground. There they find 2P, not utterly Nier Automata’s protagonist 2B, and a trickery formulating torpedo robots. It’s adult to players to invalidate a trickery and improved a array of ever-increasing bosses. The stream raid, “The Copied Factory,” expelled yesterday, is among a top turn endgame activities in a game. It’s also fast-paced, packed with good music, and pushes players to their limits. (Though he code new Hades Extreme trainer quarrel is positively a hardest endgame calm during a moment.)

This isn’t even a final boss!

Nier’s combat, possibly in a strange diversion or Automata, is a reduction of movement diversion fighting with bullet-time elements. The Copied Factory takes this thought and runs with it. Other raids concerned gimmick mechanics, including doing math on a fly and carrying a hulk lamp onslaught with a demon. Dark Apocalypse focuses on dodging and discerning thinking. It packs a shade with missiles to avoid, appetite orbs to dance around, and robotic arms that now kill anyone they pound into. The outcome is amazing. The Copied Factory final actor concentration and punishes messy execution. Some players competence find this frustrating—it’s easy to get impressed by all that’s happening—but it provides a plea that feels loyal to Nier Automata. It culminates in a final trainer that we won’t spoil here solely to contend a quarrel itself is one of a many heated battles in any diversion I’ve played. Destroying tanks and stealing behind their disadvantage to equivocate explosions, withstanding runner bombing and large “tankbusters” that do tons of damage—every impulse is perilous.

Then there’s a loot. Players energetically available a possibility to cosplay as 2B or 9S will be pleased. The rigging in a Copied Factory isn’t usually useful though captures some iconic looks. Better yet, players looking to accumulate a rigging for conform functions can accept a bin that automatically grants cosmetic usually versions of rigging sets. It’s a illusory new complement that cuts down on rigging tillage and grinding.

All it took to get a full cosmetic set was one run of The Copied Factory and a successful bones hurl on loot.

Dark Apocalypse is off to a good start, adding a uninformed take on raids and improved rob gathering. It’s one of a best things Final Fantasy XIV has ever done, and there’s still dual some-more raids to go. Combined with a high quality, 8-player “normal raid” partnership with Final Fantasy VIII’s Tetsuya Nomura, that was combined in July, this latest enlargement is knocking it out of a park with trainer fights.

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