Final Fantasy XIV’s New Year Event Grants a Cutest Samurai Helmets Ever

Final Fantasy XIV is scheming to applaud a New Year with a normal Heavensturn event, that will extend players with a common “Kabuto” samurai helmets that are given each year.

Those are a good approach to uncover only how most of a maestro we are, and if we can competition one of a strange rabbit helmets from 2011 we can be as badass as me.

As we might have imagined, a helmets are themed after a year in a Chinese calendar, and that might means some rather humorous pattern “accidents” like in 2015 when people went around with a monkey’s bald donkey on their head. No. we am not joking.

2018 is a year of a dog, and Square Enix motionless to go a super-cute way, extenuation players black and white versions of a “Inu Kabuto” (Inu means “Dog” in Japanese), with some positively darling Shiba Inu on top. We also get a pressed dog with normal Japanese tabernacle decorations for a houses.

The eventuality will start tomorrow, Dec 31st, during 7 AM Pacific Time, and will finish on Jan 15th, 2018.

Below  we can check out a celebratory art combined for a occasion, and a rewards. The questline will start in Limsa Lominsa, on a Upper Decks.

If we wish to learn some-more about a game, we can also suffer our recent talk with Naoki Yoshida and our examination of the Stormblood expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV is now accessible for PS4 and PC

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