Final Fantasy XIV’s New Mobile App Is Going to Be a Game Changer for Crafters and Hoarders

When Square Enix sent out a press recover detailing a arriving patch 4.3 and a delay of a Stormblood MSQ, they also snuck a small proclamation in there that competence have been missed by fans. Final Fantasy XIV’s new mobile messenger app is now in development, and from what small we know of it so far, it competence indeed infer to be utterly a profitable apparatus for those who live and breathe Eorzea even outward of a game.

The sum are rather meagre during a moment, though what we do know is that a mobile app provides players with a ability to entrance certain in-game facilities when they’re divided from their computer. Players can discuss with Free Company members, classify events with a scheduler, and even register an additional adored Aetheryte destination. More importantly, players will also be means to classify their register and armoury chest, and even entrance a marketplace house to buy and sell items. That is flattering huge.

Final Fantasy XIV veterans are some-more than wakeful of a fact that classification out your register can be a outrageous pain. After you’ve sunk adequate time into a game, we will eventually strech a indicate where your register is usually full of materials you’re not certain what to do with, and an armoury chest filled with conform rigging we swear you’ll use for Glamours during some indicate in a future. But we never do. No one wants to spend their changed diversion time classification by register slots, and permitting players to purify adult their equipment in their gangling time outward of a diversion is going to make things a lot some-more convenient. Thinking behind to a vanilla Destiny days where players literally had to fly behind to a Tower to squeeze some Exotic arms they forgot to take out of a safe before they could do a raid, it’s roughly a consternation given Bungie didn’t exercise that mobile app sooner. Final Fantasy XIV looks to be holding a page out of Bungie’s book to deliver an app that indeed offers a lot of application outward of a game, and also allows players to be some-more fit with their personification time.

But even that isn’t a biggest underline of a mobile app. As someone who’s gotten into crafting and entertainment in Eorzea, a biggest prominence here is a ability to peruse a marketplace house when you’re not in-game. Everyone who plays a marketplace house knows that prices are always fluctuating. There’s always someone perplexing to undercut you, and usually when we consider you’ve got a marketplace cornered on elm logs or ramie gear, someone swoops in and offers a same equipment for sale during a reduce price. Being means to buy and sell equipment is going to be a blessing for crafters and gatherers given you’d fundamentally be means to keep an eye on marketplace prices and adjust your batch as necessary. No some-more logging behind into a diversion after 24 hours usually to find that we haven’t been means to sell anything given we were undercut overnight.

It’s also value observant that Square Enix is formulation on releasing a reward devise with a app, and reward facilities embody being means to arrange by servant inventories, induction an additional retainer, and removing double saddlebag capacity. The obstacle of not going reward is a inability to classify servant stock, given that’s substantially where many of your offering equipment are going to be. Even so, a customary devise should be adequate for many people, as prolonged as we have your batch stashed in your categorical inventory. It’s still sounds like a good preference choice for those who make their Gil off a marketplace board, and it’s always good being told when you’ve done a large sale.

At a time of writing, a mobile app is still in development, and Square Enix hasn’t offering a plain recover window or pricing sum for a reward plan. Considering how most Final Fantasy XIV loves stuffing adult a player’s register slots within a camber of a few hours, this messenger app can’t come shortly enough, and we suppose lots of players will conclude a preference that it brings.

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