Final Fantasy XIV’s Composer Was "Literally Shaking" Listening to an Orchestra Performing His Music

The turnaround from a strange Final Fantasy XIV to a redone Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was zero brief of magnificent, and partial of a credit rests during a hands of lead composer Masayoshi Soken. Soken’s compositions paint an auditory design and set a theatre for some of a biggest moments in FFXIV’s narrative. Since A Realm Reborn’s release, Soken has stoical many of a game’s many noted tracks.

Final Fantasy XIV Sound Director and Lead Composer Masayoshi Soken. [Image around Square Enix]

Soken has combined so many songs for Final Fantasy XIV that a diversion set a Guinness World Record for a many strange pieces of strain in a video game. When a record was awarded to a group during Square Enix, FFXIV had 384 strange pieces of music. And that was in 2017, forward of a then-upcoming launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Soken’s strain also extends outward of a diversion itself. He performs songs from FFXIV with the Primals, a live stone rope he determined in 2014. The Eorzean Symphony, an band unison featuring a strain of Final Fantasy XIV, has entered a second year. This year, Eorzean Symphony will take place during a Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California on Jun 15-16, 2018; and a Konzerthaus Dortmund in Dortmund, Germany on Aug 24-25, 2018.

Ahead of a arriving concert, USgamer spoke to Masayoshi Soken his work on Final Fantasy XIV and bringing that work to a opposite assembly with orchestral compositions.

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performs a Eorzean Symphony Tokyo in 2017.

USgamer: How does your altogether routine differ when operative on a diversion compositions, with a orchestra, or a eventuality for The Primals during one of a Fan Fests?

Final Fantasy XIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken: All of a sound prolongation that we work on starts by seeking myself, “What can we do with sound in sequence to heighten a gameplay experience?” When it comes to a band concerts and The Primals live shows, my thoroughness is on origination certain that a strain evokes a memories of past practice within a players.

USgamer: Out of those 3 forms of work, that one do we find a many engaging and fulfilling?

Soken: Being a diversion creator, there’s no doubt that we find it many fulfilling when we am means to emanate strain that matches a gameplay knowledge perfectly!

Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida, maestro Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, and Final Fantasy XIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken during a Eorzean Symphony Tokyo in 2017.

USgamer: One disproportion in a component work for a diversion is we can’t see a reactions of listeners in real-time. How does it feel to be means to watch listeners conflict to your compositions live?

Soken: The passion of a guests—Final Fantasy XIV players—who attended a band unison in Japan was so heated that a acclaim after any strain was totally opposite from standard band concerts. This power was conveyed directly to a performers, and they responded to that acclaim by a music, that in spin caused a assembly to be changed even more. This singular knowledge continued and was amplified with any piece, and it only kept building.

I was station backstage during a performances, yet we could feel that communication between a performers and a audience—it was so relocating that we was utterly literally jolt as we listened. It unequivocally was a sheer sign of a good support entrance from all of a players.

USgamer: What strain on a Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack was a many formidable for we to compose? Why?

Soken: Creating any strain for Final Fantasy XIV requires a lot of tough work and concentration, so unequivocally all songs can be formidable to compose! Out of all these tracks, though, a Primal conflict songs are quite challenging. Each strain has to follow a transitions in a phases of combat, and so it is intensely formidable from both a combination viewpoint and a technical standpoint.

The Sound group has to put in an unusual volume of bid to come adult with new ideas for any new Primal to yield both an engaging balance that doesn’t feel recycled as good as a uninformed gameplay experience—it is really not an easy feat.

Omega Sigmascape saw a lapse of a fan-favorite impression and his low-pitched theme.

USgamer: Do we find it fun to remix so many of a classical Final Fantasy songs interjection for a thoroughness of this expansion’s raid content? Fans seemed flattering vehement for your take on Kefka’s theme.

Soken: My faith is that a strain of Final Fantasy belongs to Mr. Uematsu. Naturally, holding any of Mr. Uematsu’s songs and adding my possess turn to it can be a bit haughtiness wracking, and on tip of that we have to make it fit within a area of Final Fantasy XIV. As we mentioned earlier, we also have to demonstrate a perplexing attribute between fight and song, and doing all of this and gripping loyal to a strange is a outrageous undertaking.

However, all in all we can contend a routine was fun… we think? *laughs* If people do suffer a Final Fantasy XIV renditions of classical Final Fantasy songs, that is something that brings me good joy.

USgamer: On the manuscript “Duality,” we had tough stone marks from a Primals and piano arrangements by Keiko. It was engaging saying a complicated contrariety between those dual styles. Do we see room to examination with other low-pitched styles in destiny arrangement albums?

Soken: To tell we a truth, we always have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, yet a work that we need to prioritize many is on formulating diversion strain and sound effects. I’m now adult to my neck in Final Fantasy XIV sound origination work, and we have frequency any time to try other genres. That doesn’t meant we wouldn’t adore to, though! Perhaps some jazz with a horn section—that would be really cool. we would adore to try.

USgamer: Are any of a new marks for a arriving Primals manuscript going to find their approach behind to FFXIV?

Soken: Actually, we implemented a towering 3 songs in a new Patch 4.3 Ultima (Ultimate) conflict that are The Primals arrangements! We’re going to be actively incorporating some-more songs if we see any other heated conflict calm that would fit a music!

As a special appreciate we to fans of Final Fantasy XIV and Soken’s compositions, Square Enix is charity 6 tickets to a Eorzean Symphony! These tickets are for a Eorzean Symphony eventuality holding place during a Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California on Jun 15-16, 2018. Neither Square Enix or USgamer will be covering transport to a event, so winners should be means to get to a unison in Los Angeles on their own.

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