Final Fantasy XIV’s Challenging New Content “Eureka” Will Bring Back Good And Bad Memories From FFXI

By Sato . Feb 11, 2018 . 11:30am


In a latest Letter from a Producer broadcast, Naoki Yoshida common info a new calm called “Forbidden Land of Eureka” that is entrance in Patch 4.25, and a facilities remind us a lot of Final Fantasy XI.


Here are some sum on The Forbidden Land of Eureka from a Live Letter:


The Forbidden Land of Eureka


An unexplored, untamed, furious where a unequivocally elements are constantly in flux. While exploring Eureka and flourishing in strength, players will have a event to obtain and raise Eureka rigging and weapons.

  • Up to 144 players can occupy a singular instance.
  • Players are speedy to concur with one another to progress.
  • Players competence form and disperse parties with other players during will.
  • An swap form of course exists within Eureka.



The above is a demeanour during a “Magia Melder” where we can container in points for opposite elements. You can use it to insert points into an component charge of your choice for your character’s “Magia Board.”


Below are some-more sum on how it works:


Player Progression


  • Within Eureka, actor strength is totalled by their ability to continue and strap a elements, represented as their component level.


  • All players start during component turn 1 and competence achieve a limit component turn of 20.


  • Elemental turn and EXP accrued will be defended between visits—progress will not be mislaid when players skip Eureka.



  • Elemental EXP gained competence be influenced by a series of players in a celebration and a problem of a enemies they defeat.


Magia Board and Magicite


  • The Magia Board can be used in and with Magicite to strengthen a player’s affinities with a 6 elements while exploring a Forbidden Land, Eureka.


  • Stronger affinity with a given component will boost a repairs a actor deals certain enemies, as good as revoke a repairs he or she receives from others.


  • By spinning their Magia Boards, players can fast change their component affinities.


The Elemental Aspects of Enemies


  • Enemies encountered in a Forbidden Land, Eureka are flushed with powers aspected to a sold element.


  • Through prudent use of a Magia Boards, players can quarrel these enemies some-more effectively.


Penalties Incurred When KO’d


  • When players are KO’d in a Forbidden Land, Eureka, they will remove component EXP. However, if they are regenerated by another actor within 10 mins of being KO’d, they will not humour an component EXP penalty. Furthermore, if a player’s tide component turn is 5 or below, he or she will not remove component EXP when KO’d.


  • If a player’s component turn is eleven of higher, this chastisement competence revoke his or her component EXP sum next zero. Should this happen, a actor will remove an component level.


During a live stream, Yoshi-P pronounced “Those of we who played FFXI probably never wanted to see it again (the “level down” screen) though they’ll be saying those difference in Final Fantasy XIV. Foxclon also done a horrible sound outcome that accompanied a message.


At this indicate in a broadcast, we got a demeanour during some live demonstration, that we can check out during a 1:31:09 symbol of a video in a above embed.


During a footage part, a few sum were common on Eureka. You can always go behind to your bottom to check out a Magia Melder during any time to change your component charge points. However, keep in mind that a idea isn’t to simply put all your points underneath one attribute, though to play with a numbers instead given we can stagger it.


For example, we can supplement 3 Magicite points in one and 2 points in another or all 5 in one. You’ll get to spin a numbers around regulating a Magia Board though there’s a cooldown that comes with it. The monsters are super strong, so we won’t have to worry about not carrying adequate time for cooldowns given a fights can take a while.


If you’re wondering about Magicite allocation, it’s mostly adult to you. Yoshi-P pronounced that for example, tanks competence wish to go with all 5 in one so they can stagger it to always have a component invulnerability opposite whatever beast your celebration is fighting.


The mode will have a concentration on murdering NMs and they’ll dump singular equipment. There will be certain mandate to make them spawn, though distinct a NMs in Final Fantasy XI, it’ll be rubbed some-more like a FATE in Final Fantasy XIV, where all parties can join and quarrel a NM, so we won’t have to highlight out about removing a “first hit” on a beast to explain it for your party.


While it sounds sparkling to take on NMs, Yoshi-P common a humorous story about a time they were contrast Eureka with a growth staff. When a FATE showed up, everybody got vehement cheering “the NM is here!” and ran in to quarrel it. However, a FATE was surrounded by monsters that preceded to clean a group. Yoshi-P told them “I told you! It’s opposite than normal!” When a healer attempted to save one of a members, they took hatred and got pounded by all a monsters… and we can theory how that ended.


Unlike a rest of Final Fantasy XIV where monsters leave we alone after creation adequate distance, a aggro in Eureka handles some-more like a approach it did in Final Fantasy XI, where monsters would follow we until what felt like a finish of time. They’ll even go all a approach to a bottom in an bid to take we down. Yoshi-P demonstrated only how clever they are and ran opposite a field, and we saw how he was holding over 60k repairs from elementary auto-attacks.



Since players will get to dump in and out of parties in Eureka, we can hunt for parties while in Eureka to put your “invite flag” up. Party leaders can also hunt within Eureka to demeanour for players to invite. That said, you’ll unequivocally have to work together with your celebration in sequence to tarry out there in a field, only like a good ol’ days of Vana’diel.


Lastly, here are some sum on a rewards we can get in a Forbidden Land, Eureka:


Eureka Gear and Weapons


  • Eureka Gear and Weapons – While exploring Eureka, players competence obtain Protean Crystals. These crystals competence be used to obtain and raise Eureka rigging and weapons with a assist of Gerolt. However, in sequence to entirely ascent Eureka weapons, players will need to obtain a opposite object from a scandalous beast somewhere in Eureka.


Here’s a demeanour during some of a rigging we can get, formed on a AF apparatus with some combined effects:






Notorious Monsters


  • In a Forbidden Land, Eureka, players competence confront unusually absolute enemies. Players will need to concur with others in sequence to better them. Should they succeed, players will obtain poignant component EXP and other rewards.



The above is a demeanour during one of a Notorious Monsters you’ll face in Eureka.


Final Fantasy XIV is accessible on PlayStation 4 and PC.  The Forbidden Land, Eureka will launch in Patch 4.25.

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