Final Fantasy XIV’s Almost Got Its Player Housing Problem Under Control

The recover of new actor housing in Final Fantasy XIV has traditionally meant a mad lurch for meagre land followed by indignant forum posts about how bad a housing complement is. Thanks to new discipline and restrictions tying a volume of land players can own, today’s land enlargement went comparatively smoothly.

Previously, when new housing plots were combined to Final Fantasy XIV, they’d all go on sale during once. Players would inundate a servers, causing all sorts of frustrating queues and congestion. The miss of boundary on treacherous plots led to things like obscenely abounding players shopping adult finish housing districts for their personal use, flippers shopping plots for resale during a reward to players who couldn’t get online in time, and an altogether problem for anyone though a many well-prepared customer removing a residence during all.

But this morning’s recover of 1,440 new plots widespread opposite 6 new districts in a game’s 4 housing regions came with new manners and restrictions. Players are now singular to owning one tract of land for personal use and one tract for their Free Company (guild). Free Companies of 4 players or some-more are also singular to one tract of land, so if a actor is in a Free Company that owns a plot, they can’t buy another in that Free Company’s name. To extent tract flipping (buying a tract and reselling it for a profit), land relinquished by a owners is now taken for squeeze for a duration of time.

The downside is that squeeze of housing plots is now limited to Free Companies. Individuals looking to collect adult a tiny tract for personal use, such as myself, have to wait for an vague duration before being means to dump a cold 3 million Gil (in-game currency) on a place to call their own. we get a reasoning—Free Company houses are places for players to come together and commune, and they generally have private bedrooms players can squeeze if they need their possess space. Still, we can’t assistance though be a tiny frustrated, clicking on a For Sale pointer and being told we don’t qualify. This is ostensible to be a anticipation world.


But altogether a new land recover has left really smoothly. As of right now, hours after servers went adult and new plots went on sale, there are still tons of tiny housing plots accessible and not a few mediums, even in a some-more renouned districts.

Hopefully they’ll still be around when a private squeeze embargo drops. I’ve got seat looking for a place to furnish.

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