Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.3 patch facilities turtle energy and another lapse to Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ivalice

‘Under a Moonlight’

It’s a good day when Square Enix dishes out information for a new Final Fantasy XIV patch, since a group usually goes all out, providing a special alighting page for it on tip of a trailer and a producer-helmed tide that goes over notation details. They unequivocally have a regulation down.

This entrance patch, as formerly announced, will be entrance this month, and now we have a date — May 22. It’s called Under a Moonlight (4.3), and will avocation as a catch-up patch but a correct Savage raid tier. Instead you’ll be personification by new story missions, a new 24-person raid (continuing a story of Ivalice started in 4.1), a new cave (Swallow’s Compass), and another hearing (a Four Lords conflict that seems to be focusing on Genbu a turtle).

As always this new patch will come with innumerable peculiarity of life changes in draw (more options for a avocation finder, cross-world couple shells, some-more glorious options), as good as category alterations (Astrologian, Scholar, Samurai, Monk, Dark Knight, Monk, Ninja, Samurai, and Black Mage were mentioned during a Live Letter stream).

To explain a roadmap a bit, a new Ultimate raid tier (so tough that usually a 1%, or less, can transparent it) is entrance in 4.31 shortly after launch, 4.35 will give us some-more Hildibrand quests and a new Deep Dungeon in several months, and patch 4.36 even after still will entrance a new Eureka: Pagos zone. I’ve been actively personification FFXIV some-more during Stormblood than we did during this indicate in Heavensward, that is a good sign. Hopefully a new calm keeps me bustling for a while now that God Kefka is in a books.

Patch 4.3 [Square Enix]

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