Final Fantasy XIV Update Version 7.20 For PS4 [Patch Notes v4.41]

The new refurbish for Final Fantasy XV diversion chronicle 4.41 is now out and we can review a full patch notes.

Final Fantasy XIV has been updated to chronicle 7.20 on a PS4 and a central diversion refurbish chronicle is 4.41 for all platforms.

Final Fantasy XIV Update Version 4.41 Patch Notes For PC And PS4

  • The following issues have been addressed.
    • An emanate wherein PvP actions increasing a Adrenaline Gauge underneath certain conditions.
    • An emanate wherein a scold animation was not displayed when lifting KO’d squadron members.
    • An emanate wherein a dot used to prove equipment with 100% spiritbond in a register was displayed in a wrong color.
    • An emanate wherein a object “Silver Rivets” compulsory to make “Wooden Showcase” could not be obtained.
      * The recipe for Wooden Showcase has now been changed.
    • An emanate wherein a Brick Garden Circle outside furnishing could not be performed by any means. This is partial of a dual object set, together with a Birdbath, as comparison from a FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest.
    • An emanate wherein glamours could not be expel on a Yanxian Merchant’s Haori chest piece.
    • An emanate wherein a movement assistance content for a white mage PvP movement Assize was incorrect.
      * Only a content has been changed. No changes have been done to a movement itself.
    • An emanate inspiring a PlayStation®4 chronicle wherein entering content could means an blunder and force a customer to close.

For a full set of changes, perspective them from a official website.

Final Fantasy XIV is accessible now on a PC and PS4.

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