Final Fantasy XIV Update Patch 4.05 Goes Live

If logging into FFXIV today, a new patch will be prepared and waiting, that brings with it utterly a bit of calm for a decimal patch. The patch won’t need any watchful around as a server down time has already passed, so only record on, refurbish and bound in.

The biggest note of a patch is a new “Savage” mode for a Omega: Deltascape raid. Remember how there are Ninjas now, and how they have to demeanour good? With Savage mode for a raid, players will have entrance to a new Genji armor and weapons, so achieving that ideal Ninja demeanour has never been easier. Access to a new raid requires an object turn of 310 though that shouldn’t be too formidable to strech for.

Another important further is a new tier of tomestone tokens carrying been added, that will be accessible for a grind, weekly. A top being set during 450, so folks don’t get forward of themselves. Additional changes for all roles have been seen opposite a board, though let’s leave the nitty-gritty of a patch records here.

Be certain to check out the full examination of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, now accessible on all platforms FFXIV can be found on.

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