Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.1’s Release Date Announced; Gets Trailer and Screenshots

Today Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV‘s refurbish 4.1, dubbed “The Legend Returns” will be expelled on Oct 10th.

On tip of a recover trailer, we get a trailer (which we can see next in both English and Japanese, depending on that denunciation we cite to play a game), and screenshots showcasing some of a facilities enclosed in a patch.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain is a tough mode chronicle of a Shinryu quarrel during a finish of a expansion’s categorical story.

The Kojin will be a hosts of a new array of Beast Tribe Quets, with a red clan hoarding a race’s value vault, a pacific blue clan is seeking to build a own, and it’s adult to a warriors of light to assistance them out.

Hildibrand and his lovable though uncanny partner Nashu are also behind in a new dedicated and comedic questline set in Kugane.

A new tradition deliveries provider will also be implemented, and this time it’s a desirable miqote M’naago, who is perplexing to emanate a account for a Reistance’s orphans and widows.

PvP is also removing a new underline called “Red Wings” described as follows:

“On a lost fringes of a Dravanian Hinterlands, there distortion a ruins of a Sharlayan contrast site famous as Astragalos. With their eternal ingenuity, a goblins of Idyllshire have remade a place into an expanded training ground. Here, dauntless adventurers can take control of strong machines in large-scale fight games suggestive of battles opposite a Garlean Empire. A mad onslaught for territorial leverage awaits!”

Of march we’re also removing a new section for a categorical story, with a people of Ala Mhigo carrying to select what kind of republic they wish to build for themselves, underneath Lyse’s fledgling leadership.

Last, though not least, a Return to Ivalice 24 male raid will be implemented, bringing some Final Fantasy XII and Tactics season into XIV.

Check out a screenshots and trailer below, alongside a prior batch. If we wish to hear some-more from Naoki Yoshida himself, we can read our new talk from Gamescom. You should also check out a examination of a latest expansionStormblood.

Final Fantasy XIV is now accessible for PS4 and PC.

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