Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.05 Released: Adds Savage Raid and Gets New Artwork Showing Genji Armor

Today Square Enix done Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.05 accessible for download. While a servers won’t be adult for another hour or so, during slightest if a publisher sticks to a scheduled times, we can already download a patch on PS4 and PC.

While this is a decimal patch, a essence are rather significant, and we can review a full patch records here.

First of all, we get a “Savage” mode of a Omega: Deltascape raid. It will concede players to get a new Genji armor and weapons, a name of that will infer really informed to Final Fantasy fans. To get into a initial level, you’ll need to have an normal object turn of 310.

Several changes has been done to classes as well, bringing adjustments to flattering most each role.

A new tier of tomestone tokens has been combined as good for us to grub week after week. Tomestones of Creation will come from flattering most all kinds of high turn content, and most to dedicated grinders’ dismay, they’ll move behind weekly limits, set to 450.

We’ll also get a new mountain reproducing a initial trainer of a Omega raid, and an darling namazu pet.

To accompany a patch, Square Enix expelled a collection of assets, that we can see in a gallery below, including a poetic summer painting by Nobuyoshi Mihara, another demeanour during a sadistic best waifu Yotsuyu, a Genji set itself, and a new dress that will be accessible as craftable object with a new patch.

If we wish to learn more, we can review a summation of a latest Live Letter broadcast, and about a earlier patch, 4.01.

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