Final Fantasy XIV: The Legend Returns Screenshots, Details Revealed

Square Enix has denounced a collection of new screenshots and sum about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s arriving patch, The Legend Returns.

According to a new preview site that was launched in expectation for a early Oct release, The Legend Returns brings with it a new categorical scenario, as good as a fondness raid cave Return to Ivalice, that was grown in partnership with Final Fantasy Tactics executive Yasumi Matsuno and inclusive executive and impression designer Keita Amemiya.

The Legend Returns will also underline a new cave set in a Drowned City of Skalla, as good as a new residential district Shirogane. For an early glance during a arriving calm featured in Patch 4.1, check out a slideshow below:

The patch will also supplement a relocation feature, giving players a ability to pierce their stream building to a new area. A storage choice will also be added, permitting players to mislay a confusion from their residence by stowing divided some of their items.

Head over to IGN’s Final Fantasy XIV wiki for loads of tips and tricks, including how to turn adult quick in Stormblood, as good as strategies for all of a dungeons.

Alex Osborn is a freelance author for IGN. Find him on Twitter during @alexcosborn.

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