Final Fantasy XIV Successor Hinted At in Square Enix Survey

As of right now, a usually vital Final Fantasy games in active growth are Final Fantasy XIV with a continued improvements and arriving expansion, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The latter is one that notoriously hasn’t had a ton of information recently, while a former is one that we always have new info for. With usually those dual games known, that leaves a destiny flattering far-reaching open.

Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida E3 2018 Interview

Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida E3 2018 Interview

It has been some time given Final Fantasy XV expelled so it’s positively trustworthy that a subsequent mainline diversion is substantially in active growth now. Oddly enough, though, a consult didn’t tackle that subject during all. Instead, it focused on a supplement to Final Fantasy XIV. The initial and some-more obscure idea is that 14 pointless consult participants will win adult to $500 to spend in a Square Enix store.

Interesting number, huh? But positively not adequate to meant anything. What is startling are a organisation of questions nearby a center of a consult that focuses on a Final Fantasy series. It asks a approaching doubt of “what would we like to see in a future?” before focusing on Final Fantasy XIV alone. It inquires if you’ve played a diversion before and what we consider of it compared to other MMO’s.

After that, it asks your seductiveness turn in another Final Fantasy MMO that isn’t Final Fantasy XIV. This is really specific in comparison to all else in a consult and intriguing. Given that Final Fantasy XI was a initial MMO in a array and XIV followed it, if Square Enix follows a fixing conventions, XVII would be a subsequent MMO. Given that, as we pronounced before, XVI is substantially in growth right now, it isn’t fantastic to consider that Final Fantasy XVII Online could be in early stages right now.

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