Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: The Kotaku Review

I haven’t finished a final conflict in a Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansions’ categorical story line. The suggested query has been sitting in a tip left dilemma of my shade for a week, and I’ve been doing all we can to omit it. we don’t wish it to end.

Being a rarely successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t going to finish any time soon. The story of Stormblood, in that a army of good in a universe of Hydaelyn try to acquit dual city-states from a rough hold of a Garlean Empire, will continue in some form or another until a subsequent Final Fantasy XIV enlargement arrives.

I only fear that once a final trainer falls and a credits hurl it’ll be all over. No some-more late nights spent rebellious a clearly unconstrained fibre of “one last” quests. No some-more shuffling off in a center of a workday to play a small some-more “for examination purposes.” Hours played per day will turn hours played per week.


Stormblood’s fast-paced story doesn’t help. After a unsuccessful try during rebellion opposite a Garleans in a city-state of Ala Mhigo, a Warrior of Light (the player) and their fortuitous of non-player impression allies induce a plan. They transport to a other side of a planet, to a Asian-inspired lands of Doma, and assistance that city-state acquit itself from decades of Garlean rule. Then, with a Empire’s resources stretched thin, a Eorzean fondness earnings to Ala Mhigo to finish a job.

If there’s a place we got to go, he’s a one we need to know, he’s a map.

Reading over it now, it doesn’t seem like a arrange of thing that can be achieved in a camber of a few weeks, even with a ridiculously absolute (when a tract calls for it during least) Warrior of Light on a good guys’ team. Alliances are formed, tribes are joined and large battles are pitched with a speed that would make a Game of Thrones fan’s conduct spin.


It’s not all epic battles and staggering feats of diplomacy. Between story quests a Warrior of Light, champion of Eorzea, torpedo of gods, spends time attractive people’s food, weeding their gardens, handing out flyers—you know, side query stuff. Square Enix does a best this time around to keep a basic labor rather exciting, with longer, some-more story-rich query lines trumping one-off “kill X of Y” types.

This time side quests aren’t singular to a land. The enlargement introduces swimming to Final Fantasy XIV, permitting players to dive into name areas to try a sea deep. It’s an considerable means of transport with some really cold special effects. It’s also woefully underutilized. With no underwater combat, a flowing inlet of Eorzea are home to elementary fetch quests. Of a handful we encountered, dual concerned attractive a forsaken fishing pole. Epic adventure, right there.


The side quests are especially a possibility to try a expansion’s pleasing new environments and superb soundtrack between rapid-fire rebellions and revolutions. Shit goes down quick in Stormblood. It’s silly, though it’s a acquire change of gait from a labyrinth side story that was Final Fantasy XIV’s prior expansion, Heavensward. The account that began when a diversion relaunched in 2013 as A Realm Reborn kicks into high rigging here, environment a theatre for a updates to come and, according to diversion executive Naoki Yoshida in a new talk with Kotaku, during slightest dual some-more expansions.

In my query to equivocate a finale of Stormblood, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring a streamlined pursuit course complement introduced in a expansion. Previously a actor who wanted to be a Paladin, for example, would have to turn dual lower-tier jobs, Marauder and Conjurer, to 30 and 15 respectively. That job-juggling’s been finished divided with, and now all one has to do to turn a Paladin is turn a Gladiator pursuit to 30 and commence a elementary quest.


Rather than have players turn adult unconnected jobs in sequence to clear borrow-able skills for their main, any pursuit purpose now gets a pool of role-specific abilities that clear as they level. Again it’s reduction job-juggling, and a role-specific abilities assistance give newer players a clarity of what their place is an a party.

Coupled with knowledge commission bonuses introduced for a expansion’s launch, these changes make leveling adult new pursuit classes a joy. we started my new character, Clan Destine, as a turn 60 Black Mage (thanks to a pursuit refreshment purchased for $25 from Square Enix’s Mog Station store). Now we am a turn 53 Bard, turn 30 White Mage, turn 30 Summoner, turn 30 Astrologian, turn 20 Gladiator and turn 8 Lancer. On tip of that I’ve also dabbled in a game’s dual new jobs, Red Mage and Samurai.

I’m also a turn 51 Fisher. we fish all a fish.

In a diversion with radically 3 roles—damage, recovering and tanking—adding dual some-more repairs jobs to a brew was an peculiar choice. The further of Red Mage and Saurai move a sum repairs jobs in Final Fantasy XIV to nine, compared to 3 any healer and tank.



The new additions are a blast to play with some really cold mechanics. The Red Mage, that I’ve intended all a approach adult to a new top of 70, has a automechanic where a actor builds adult a change of white and black sorcery and afterwards unleashes them in a flurry of absolute sword strokes. It’s so satisfying. Not as gratifying as it contingency be for a healer or a tank to bound into a “duty finder” and get matched with a group immediately while repairs jobs wait in half-hour queues, though flattering good.

With dual new pursuit classes to master and some-more beguiling ways to turn adult a prior thirteen, there’s copiousness for me to suffer in Stormblood but carrying to lift a trigger on that final battle. Now that a initial new and returning actor rush, server issues and visit DDOS attacks have subsided, I’ve got all a time in a universe to fish, forage, qualification and quarrel my approach around a ransom of Ala Mhigo. They’ve been oppressed for a while. A few some-more weeks won’t kill many of them.


Final Fantasy XIV is one of a best massively multiplayer online role-playing games going, one of a few means to say a monthly subscription indication in a day when even an Elder Scrolls MMO has to go free-to-play. Stormblood’s epic narrative, beautiful new locales, fantastic battles and some uninformed gameplay mechanics make a good diversion even better.


I am never going to finish it and no one can make me.

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