Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Shows "Return to Ivalice" Raid and …

Today Square Enix expelled a collection of screenshots showcasing a arriving 4.1 refurbish of Final Fantasy XIV, dubbed “The Legend Returns“.

First of all, we get to see a initial demeanour during a “Return to Ivalice” 24-man raid, that will move us to a mislaid city of Rabanastre. if that sounds familiar, it’s intended.

Secondly, we get a demeanour during a super-challenging Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate mode). Moving to radically reduction severe content, a screenshots also uncover a ability to move a adventurer squadrons in instanced dungeons. We’ll even be means to change a looks of their equipment, while a turn top will be raised.

Three new mounts will also be added, alongside dual emotes (talking and boxing), dual hairstyles, and 3 minions.

In further to that, we’ll also be means to register friends opposite worlds, and send them tells. Last  though not least, bards will get a ability to indeed play low-pitched instruments.

You can find a screenshots below. If we wish to examination and see more, we can enjoy our new talk with Naoki Yoshida from Gamescom, and my news on a Orchestra Concert hold in Tokyo. You should also check out a examination of a latest expansionStormblood, and earlier information on a arriving update

The refurbish will be expelled on Oct 10th, while a diversion is now accessible on PS4 and PC.

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