Final Fantasy XIV Reveals FFXII-Inspired Raid and More

Today Square Enix expelled a press pack for a arriving Final Fantasy XIV refurbish 4.1 (aptly patrician “The Legend Returns“), that will strike a live servers in early October.

We get to see a new section of a categorical story, set after a climatic ransom of Ala Mhigo. Will a people of a city conduct to reconcile? Apprently formidable choices wait Lyse, Fordola and Raubhan.

We’re also given a really initial screenshots of a Return to Ivalice raid. An airship appears above Kugane, and while of Garlean design, it doesn’t seem to go to a Imperial military. It’s a “Prima Vista,” that serves as private theatre for a Majestic Imperial Theater Company. The unit has won accalaim for their work “The Zodiac Brave Story,” and their entrance appears to be related to a fable of Ivalice.

We afterwards see a initial screenshots of a new cave called “The Drowned City of Skalla,” formed in an ancient city of Gyr Abania broken by fight and afterwards flooded by a difficulty of a Sixth Umbral Era. Alongside a dungeon, we also locate a glance of a apparatus it will prerogative adventurous adventurers with.

Last, though not least, is a glance on Shirogane, a housing sentinel of Kugane, that will open for tract merger as a patch hits,

Check out a screenshots below, and if we wish to examination more, we can also suffer a summation of a latest Letter from a Producer Live. If we wish to hear some-more from Naoki Yoshida himself, we can read our new talk from Gamescom. You shjould also check out a examination of a latest expansionStormblood.

Final Fantasy XIV is now accessible for PS4 and PC.

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