Final Fantasy XIV players lift over $21k for whirly victims | PC …

After hurricanes Harvey and Irma strike a US, Final Fantasy XIV players mobilised to lift income for Direct Relief, a charitable gift focused on providing medical assistance to a vulnerable, including victims of healthy disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. The village managed to lift over $21,000. 

The strange idea was $1,000, and to strech it players were speedy to emanate a Lalafell impression and impetus opposite Eorzea. Think of it like a sponsored walk, though with petite adventurers hoofing opposite a fantastical world. A 12-hour livestream was set adult and, according to a post on Reddit, a idea was achieved roughly true away. And shortly a second idea of $5,000 was reached as well.

Check out some screenshots of a impetus here.

Games Done Quick also hosted an eventuality to lift income for victims of whirly Harvey, Harvey Relief Done Quick. They managed to get donations amounting to $227,876.53 by a end, that went to a Houston Food Bank. 

Cheers, PCGamesN.

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