Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4 Update 7.18 Patch Notes Available Now for PS4 and PC

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A stirring new section has begun currently with a recover of Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4 or refurbish 7.18 on PS4. The patch records for a refurbish are accessible now as good as a refurbish itself. Players can burst behind into a MMORPG and check a ton of new calm including new story quests, a culmination of a Omega raid, a new trial, dual code new dungeons, and so most more.

In further to a Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4 notes, Square Enix has also expelled a central trailer that we can perspective below. The brief trailer gives an overview of a all of a new calm that players can demeanour brazen to in this latest vital refurbish for a MMORPG. The refurbish is accessible right now for both PS4 and PC players alike.

The Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4 records fact hours of new calm that players can suffer right now. Below, we can find a ubiquitous overview of all enclosed in a patch that is around a few GB’s on PS4. If you’re meddlesome in all that is in a update, conduct to this link.

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • New Sidequests – The Four Lords and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • New Dungeons – The Burn and Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
  • New Trial – Hells’ Kier (Suzaku)
  • New Raid – Omega: Alphascape
  • Gathering and Crafting Updates – New Recipes
  • Housing Updates – Addition of a Mannequin indoor furnishing
  • Expansion of The Lost Canals of Uznair – The Treasure Hunting instance
  • Battle System and PvP Updates, New Gold Saucer Content, Added Group Pose Functionality, and more

Additionally, a FFXIV patch 4.4 records embody changes for a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. This dedicated sermon of fastening hold during a Sanctum of a Twelve now allows players to commemorate their attribute in some-more ways with newly combined options, including anniversary ceremonies for those who have already tied a knot.

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