Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.35 Live With New Deep Dungeon, A Fan-Designed Hairstyle, More

By Sato . Jul 3, 2018 . 3:30pm


Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.35 has arrived. While it’s not like a vital chronicle updates, it has a sizeable volume of new calm including a new Deep Dungeon “Heaven-on-high” and a fan-designed hairstyle.



Here are some highlights from a Patch 4.35 Notes:


New side story quests have been added




New side quests have been added






New furnishings have been added




The Manderville Gold Saucer

New emotes have been added



One of a final designs selected for a FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest now available



Battle System

A new low dungeon, Heaven-on-high, has been added


Heaven-on-High is an ever-changing cave whose design is never utterly a same any time players enter a tower. All players will start during turn 61, and usually by fighting a enemies within will they be means to benefit a strength and knowledge indispensable to try a heights.
Players who select to leave and lapse after can continue personification from where they final saved. We plea all who enter to make it to a final floor!
* Heaven-on-High uses apart save information from Palace of a Dead. Pomanders and aetherpool rigging strength will not lift over from Palace of a Dead, and clamp versa.


You can check out some-more on Palace of a passed here.


Obtaining and Strengthening Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons

If we have strengthened your empyrean aetherpool arm and empyrean aetherpool armor to +10 in further to clearing building 30 of Heaven-on-High and a sidequest “On a Shoulders of Giants,” we can accept an empyrean aetherpool grip, that can be used to sell for a arms of your selecting by vocalization with a Confederate protector in Crick in a Ruby Sea (X:21.2 Y:9.3).
Please note that by receiving an empyrean aetherpool grip, a strength of your empyrean aetherpool arm and armor used in Heaven-on-High will be reduced by 10.


Exchanging for Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons


Speaks with a Confederate protector (X:21.2 Y:9.3) in a Ruby Sea to sell empyrean aetherpool grips for empyrean aetherpool weapons.

The Feast

The positioning of objects has been practiced in a Crystal Tower Training Grounds




New mounts have been added



New minions have been added



You can check out a full patch records for 4.35 over during Final Fantasy XIV’s Lodestone page.


Final Fantasy XIV is accessible on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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