‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Patch 4.11 Gameplay Features News: All Saints Wake Event Returns, Along With A New Challenge

The All Saints Wake eventuality earnings this year on “Final Fantasy XIV.” Gamers can once again extract in a annual Halloween eventuality where a loots are going to be extra-special.

Square Enix“Final Fantasy XIV” will be watching Halloween with a recover of patch 4.11 this October.

Square Enix announced it is bringing behind a All Saints Wake event. The anniversary games already kicked off final Thursday, Oct. 19 during 1:00 a.m. PDT and will go on until Wednesday, Nov. 1, during 7:59 a.m. PDT. Special costumes and masks will be given to participants.

Gamers who wish to join should make their approach to Gridania where they should confront a puzzling traveler. Gamers should be above turn 15 to join a All Saints Wake event. They contingency have also finished a “It’s Probably Pirates” quest.

The All Saints Wake eventuality comes brazen of a “Final Fantasy XIV” patch 4.11 rollout. Square Enix also revealed that this will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 24, during a still unlimited time.

The patch will move a Unending Coil of Bahamut. It’s maybe a toughest plea nonetheless for even a many seasoned of “Final Fantasy XIV” players. Square Enix pronounced a plea will be a scariest nonetheless and it arrives usually in time for Halloween.

Meanwhile, as most as there’s a lot of fun to demeanour brazen to on “Final Fantasy XIV,” some gamers are still over a housing conditions in Shirogane from a prior patch release. Over 270 houses were ostensible to be adult for grabs on 12 opposite wards though it was not adequate to accommodate a final of a gaming population, quite in rarely populated servers.

Some complained that housing in Shirogane is a disaster, that usually worsened with server issues. It left some players too unhappy to come behind to personification “Final Fantasy XIV.”

Square Enix is wakeful of this emanate and betrothed some-more wards for patch 4.2. The association has not nonetheless announced this patch’s approaching recover date.

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