Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Changes Two Mounts

September 20, 2017
Written by Tyler Treese

ffxiv patch 4.1 mounts

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 is set to recover in early October, and Square Enix is starting to exhibit some-more sum about what’ll change in their renouned MMO. Today’s refurbish is all about a changes that are entrance to dual of a MMO’s mounts. Odin’s equine Sleipnir will now be means to fly, while those with a Witches’ Broom will be means to expel charms.

The full blog post goes into some-more fact on these upcoming FFXIV patch 4.1 changes:

At prolonged last, Odin’s everlasting steed Sleipnir will take to a skies!

Check out that scary purple aura surrounding Sleipnir and a rider!

This has been a renouned ask for utterly some time, so we’re really vehement to see Sleippy mountainous opposite Hydaelyn really soon.

But that’s not all!

If we participated in All Saints’ Wake 2015, we might remember speeding around Gridania on a Witches’ Broom and casting spells while aiding a Adventurers’ Guild in a festivities.

The animation effects for these special eventuality incantations were so renouned that players asked if it was probable to supplement to a Witches’ Broom year round…

Prepare to be enchanted!

Will we attract your friends, or conjuration your enemies?

Be certain to try it out when 4.1 comes out! Perhaps we could compensate Matoya and her heavenly poroggo friends a visit.

Both Sleipnir and a Witches’ Broom are accessible on a Mog Station if we haven’t collected them yet. Not to discuss we’re in a center of a outrageous sale, so we can get both of these mounts for 30% off! If these new facilities torment your fancy, we really suggest holding advantage of a Mega Mog Station Sale!

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 releases in October.

[Source: Square Enix]

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