Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Allows Players to Relocate and Explains …

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 4.1 especially focuses on houses and relocation.

Patch 4.1 drops in early October, and Square Enix motionless to concentration on player’s houses this time around. The refurbish brings Shirogane housing to a game, that are houses featuring 12 wards and has particular Asian characteristics, as good as a choice to immigrate your house. Square Enix explain it entirely in their blog post, though here is what we need to know:

Relocation allows players to pierce their estate gymnasium and concomitant furnishings to a new plot. The end can be situated in any residential area and be of any size.

Relocating to a New Plot

To start a process, check a poster located during a opening of a end tract and name Purchase Land. A prompt for relocation will appear, permitting we to pierce your estate immediately after a squeeze is complete. You are not compulsory to relinquish tenure of your aged tract before to relocation. In a box of association estates and estate sharing, all players with entrance to a estate will accept a presentation when a routine is complete.

* Only giveaway association members who have been postulated management to squeeze and relinquish land can immigrate association estates.

* Players who are inside an estate during a time of relocation will be automatically changed outside.

Cost of Relocation

When purchasing a tract for relocation, 30% of a smallest value of your aged tract will be practical towards a cost of a new one.

(Cost of Relocation) = (Destination Plot Price) – (30% of Old Plot Price)

* In a eventuality payment for a aged tract exceeds a cost of a end plot, a cost of relocation will be waived. Please note, however, we will not accept gil for a volume that exceeds a cost of a end plot.

Let us know what we consider of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming refurbish and where will we immigrate to once a refurbish drops.

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