Final Fantasy XIV now has a Dragon Ball character power-up emote

Power Level i370

Square Enix packs a ton of frequently updated calm into Final Fantasy XIV via patches, though they spasmodic also qualification some good reward cosmetics. While we haven’t purchased anything nonetheless from a store myself, a few of a new offerings — a power-up emote, songbird emote, dual new outfits, and a eastern cherry petal pile/Little Ladies’ Day print are tempting.

Most of these are on-theme to applaud the Little Ladies Day event, that kicked off on Mar 1, and will run by Mar 14. Power-up, that we could substantially tell from a above image, is heavily shabby by shonen anime and Dragon Ball in particular. $7 is a large sum for an display (which is because we never unequivocally feel prone to buy reward equipment when a giveaway eventuality rewards suffice), though we know a handful of people who are already enjoying it and have built glamours (appearances) around it. 

It’s only one of XIV‘s many anime influences, that include Super Sentai emotes, Garo crossover gear, and Yo-Kai Watch weapons, minions, and a Whisper mount.

Power-Up [MogStation]

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