Final Fantasy XIV “Moonfire Faire” Returns Bringing Summery Outfits and More

We’re right in a center of a unequivocally prohibited summer, and MMORPGs are scrambling to yield events to applaud a season. Final Fantasy XIV only jumped on that bandwagon, by bringing a normal Moonfire Faire event.

When we speak about tradition, we meant you, as a Moonfire Faire has been around given a initial incarnation of a diversion several years ago.

To participate, you’ll need to go to Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks starting on Aug 8th, and some-more precisely to a piazza in front of a Maelstrom’s headquarters.

Talking with a lalafell named Mayaru Moyaru will trigger a query that will let we acquire several prizes.

The initial is a summery outfit, a Faire set, that is fundamentally a rehashed Shisui set, buy enabled for dying, permitting we to collect whatever tone we like. You can locate a glance of it below.

On tip of that, we’ll get an “Evercold Shaved Ice” seat object that distributes shaved ice snacks, a Moonfire Faire portrayal and an orchestrion hurl with a stately Hyper Rainbow Z song from final year’s event.

The festivities finish on Aug 27th, so we have copiousness of time to squeeze all a goodies.

Final Fantasy XIV

Incidentally, we only schooled that Final Fantasy XIV‘s expansion Stormblood contributed to a clever entertain for Square Enix. You can also read about new patch 4.05, and our examination of Stormblood.

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