Final Fantasy XIV Making Adjustments For Tanks, Healers, Other Jobs Soon; Latest Q&A Info

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Square Enix hold a Letter from a Producer live Part XXXVII featuring writer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and village manager Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi, who talked about some of a changes we’ll be saying in a nearby destiny including several pursuit adjustments.


Here are some highlights from a QA session, that has been translated on a official forums of a MMORPG title:


Q1. Currently some tanks smoke-stack STR on their accessories to boost their DPS, are changes designed for tank accessories themselves?

A1. We will be introducing adjustments in Tuesday’s patch 4.05.
We have perceived feedback from tanks per stability to supply object turn 270 accessories.


Q3. Currently Paladin feels like it excels both in descent and defensive capabilities, are there any skeleton for adjustments to Warrior/Dark Knight?

A3. We will be augmenting Warrior and Dark Knight damage.

Making a expel time for Paladin’s Holy Spirit so brief finished it too powerful, so we will be creation adjustments around that point. We’ll also be stealing a rebate in a Oath Gauge when switching oaths.

Warrior’s Shake It Off will be adjusted.

Plans for adjustments are now being talked over, and will be implemented someday after 4.05.

We have private a halving of a Beast Gauge when changing stances.
Additionally, a potential during Storm’s Path combo will be increasing starting 4.05.

Dark Knight will see potential increases in combo damage.


Q9. Scholar went by many changes, carrying mislaid a DoT, a repairs mislaid from AoE due to a Bane rework, and nerfs to a faerie healing. In comparison to a other healers, it feels that they have mislaid utterly a bit. Are there any skeleton for adjustments?

A9. After balancing a 3 recovering jobs, a faerie’s recovering was still too powerful. Therefore we motionless to go in a instruction of obscure a faerie’s recovering potencies.
However, by shortening what they could do, their AoE repairs also went down.
We have finished adjustments in 4.05.

Adjustment Details:

・The introduction of “Miasma II” as a pursuit specific skill.
・Changed a cooldown of Emergency Tactics to 20 seconds.
・Indomitability [stay tuned]
・Strengthening Excogitation.
・Changed a operation of Fey Union to 15 yalms.*
・ Aetherpact has been altered to boost Faerie Gauge even when Aetherflow actions does not inflict an outcome on a target.
・Introduction of a trait shortening a cooldown of Aetherflow.

・Arcana and Royal Road cards can now be rejected around an action.

■White Mage
・Adjustments to a rate of that Healing Lilies are granted.
・Plenary Indulgence will see some vital adjustments.


Q13. Other pursuit adjustments

Black mage
We finished a integrate of adjustments that black mage players will understand.
Also, when doing their ability rotations, there are moments where they remove all their MP, so we’re creation some adjustments to a MP.
– MP cost for Foul has been removed.
– Recast time for Triplecast has been reduced from 90 to 60 seconds.
– Recast time for Fire IV and Blizzard IV has been reduced from 3 to 2.8 seconds.


– Potency for Gust Slash will be reduced. The reason for this is since a players found a stronger ability revolution than those a dev. organisation was regulating while creation adjustments.


Q17. It’s tough to get a organisation for fondness raid content, such as a Crystal Tower. Do we have any skeleton to residence this?

A17. We’re now operative on an fondness raid roulette directed for Patch 4.1. Players will also be means to make fondness raid parties opposite other Worlds as well. This is also scheduled for Patch 4.1. As for Labyrinth of a Ancients, we’re creation adjustments so a celebration structure will usually need one tank rather than two; however, we might not be means to make this composition in time.


Q24. Please let us know if you’ve finalized a series of slots that will be combined in a second Inventory and Armoury Chest expansion.

A24. Unless we change from a stream method, we do not cruise we can supplement any some-more slots. There are other factors to consider, such as handling register by a arriving app, so this will take a small some-more time. It would be formidable to exercise it by 4.1, though it is not so distant off.


Q25. The register and Armour Chest enlargement has helped a lot, though would it be probable to boost retainer’s register as well?

A25. The series of equipment accessible has increasing in Patch 4.0. We’re creation certain that critical information isn’t lost, and also so that it can’t be exploited, so it’s formidable to only simply supplement some-more slots. Currently, a inconsistency between those who use a lot of retainers, and those who don’t, is utterly large, and we’re a bit disturbed about this. We would like to observe a volume of retainers being used post a launch of 4.0 before we make destiny adjustments.


Q28. I’m a Machinist main, though we am endangered since notwithstanding a problem of a revolution and handling a Heat Gauge, my DPS is not really high. Machinist itself is enjoyable, though in comparison to Bard, it feels lacking in support abilities as good as DPS. Please let us know if there are any adjustments planned.

A28. Perspectives change from actor to actor per what they would like to see finished for Machinist.

Due to a stream problem of Heat government and how it is influenced by fights, as good as a manifest disproportion between Machinist and Bard in content, we have finished it easier conduct a Heat Gauge. In addition, we will be lifting altogether bottom damage.

[General Adjustments]
・Hot Shot
Increased earthy repairs outcome from 5% to 8%.
Increase to Heat Gauge reduced from 10 to 5.
・Removed a Heat Gauge rebate outcome from Quick Reload.
・Increased Rook Overload potential from 400 to 800.
・Increased Bishop Overload potential from 300 to 600.
And more.


You can review a rest from a QA event over during a official forums.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is accessible on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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