Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter: Welcome Elemental World Eureka & More

The producers of Final Fantasy XIV suggested some sparkling new calm entrance adult for a diversion in their latest Letter from a Producer live, a biggest of that is The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos.

“The Forbidden Land of Eureka is an unexplored, gross furious where a really elements are constantly in flux. While exploring Eureka and flourishing in strength, players will have a event to obtain and raise Eureka rigging and weapons,” explained executive and writer Naoki Yoshida along with Global Community Producer Toshio Morouchi.

Up to 144 players can occupy a singular Eureka instance, and strengthening a Eureka weapons is not compulsory in sequence to keep exploring. Players are speedy to concur in sequence to make swell by regulating actor search, that is accessible inside Eureka, branch on a “looking for party” standing to organisation adult with players of identical component levels, or even usually shouting.

Players swell regulating a new underline famous as a Magia Board. Eureka will keep expanding during a 4.x patch series, with a turn top for a component levels also increasing. Players start during component turn 1 and achieve a limit component turn of 20. Players do not remove component EXP or turn when they skip Eureka.

The Magia Board and Magicite are like adding component properties to yourself for battle. Enemies encountered in Eureka are flushed with powers aspected to a certain element, so for example, by strengthening a rumble element, your repairs opposite water-based enemies will increase.

Monster attributes are reliable by targeting them, so name a best attributes for yourself formed on that. You name attributes by rotating a Magia house a pre-determined series of times. Rotating a house has a cost, that recovers over time. You can also redeem a cost by touching a Magia Melder during base. You can confirm either to allot a certain component heavily or allot all elements equally.

When players are KO’d and their time runs out, causing them to be mangled back, they remove component EXP. If they are regenerated by another actor before this happens, they don’t humour a component EXP penalty.

You enter Eureka by articulate to Rodney in Kugane, that is also where we can check a Magia board. There is also an Aetheryte in Eureka and informed NPCs like Gerolt and Krile, along with correct shops and shops that sell useful Eureka consumable items. The continue shifts fast in Eureka due to a gross furious elementals. You can't use mounts in Eureka until a scrutiny is completed.

Monsters in Eureka follow we for most longer than unchanging monsters. You accept a lot of repairs from enemies with an component turn aloft than yourself, creation them tough to shake off. Also, scandalous monsters seem underneath certain conditions and dump singular apparatus you’ll need in sequence to entirely ascent Eureka weapons. These scandalous monsters work like FATEs do, so don’t worry about alighting your conflict before others.

Rewards in Eureka embody rigging and weapons that might be performed by a use of variable crystals, that players accept while exploring Eureka. The play character in Eureka will change as after versions of Eureka are added. Players will accept AF3 (job-specific equipment) weapons with special effects and dyeable rigging as a reward, as good as rigging that will have purpose restrictions removed.

Eureka will recover in Patch 4.25 so everybody has time to better a new raids and accumulate token gear.

Elemental EXP is a form of EXP that can usually be warranted inside Eureka. The bigger your party, a reduction EXP we will earn, though in sell you’ll be means to get sequence bonus. You can also acquire EXP solo as well.

You can check out some some-more important pieces in this weekend’s Letter From a Producer Live subsequent (via a central forums ).

Gameplay adjustments:

  • They’re still weighing adjustments to Dark Knight

  • They’re still deliberating either to adjust stats on a accessories performed from a new tokens and Savage raid

  • There is no devise to adjust red mage during this time

  • They might adjust samurai DPS

  • They are not adding support abilities to Black Mage in a 4.x series

  • “There won’t be any vital waste or advantage no matter what [raid] setup we have”

  • They’re building a complement that will concede glamouring directly regulating apparatus stored inside a glorious armoire

  • Converted rigging can still be used as glamour, though they might change or adjust either or not it can be used as normal gear

  • The group is now disposition towards augmenting a series of glorious plates accessible (rather than augmenting a areas in that plates can be applied)

  • Fishers are not removing a delegate tool

  • They’re looking to supplement discretionary apparatus such as Yda or Aymeric’s outfit to a armoire

  • They are not means to store color information when storing apparatus inside a armoire

  • Castrum Meridanum and Praetorium are a usually dungeons where we will not be means to skip cutscenes, and rewards for using these dungeons will be increasing as a result

  • The subsequent savage clan will be Disciples of Land/Hand specific and will engage renouned characters as good as some categorical unfolding characters

  • They’re deliberating creation adjustments to Triple Triad stipulations for singular label use

  • They’re carrying a UI group demeanour into creation an composition to a minions shade to make it easier to find a right minion

  • They’re going to adjust a strength of large-scale FATEs since a series of participants has decreased, though won’t be adjusting a rewards


  • We “may” get a mountain that seats 4 to 8 players in a future

  • Susano and Lakshmi impassioned mounts for 99 totems will be accessible by Patch 4.25

  • The mobile app will be expelled by Patch 4.3

  • “We’ll make adjustments so we can fish adult some-more octopus”

  • The producers devise to exercise dressable mannequins as a furnishing

  • There might be Alpha merchandise… “please demeanour brazen to it”

  • The producers would like to supplement locations we can usually revisit once as backgrounds to gpose, though have no skeleton to deliver other past locations

  • The producers devise to demeanour into a ability to play aged Final Fantasy games from a fondle box. They privately named “Return to Ivalice” ( Final Fantasy Tactics ) as one they’re considering

  • The Stormblood soundtrack is due hopefully this summer; a group is perplexing tough to fit a game’s hulk soundtrack onto one disc

  • They will restock on piano scores for Final Fantasy XIV due to a direct boost caused by a Performance feature. The sheets are easy for beginners and on to read

  • The Primals are removing their really possess CD album and tour

  • The Eorzean Symphony band unison is headed to a Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Jun 15 and 16. Look brazen to sheet info soon

What do we consider of a new and arriving content? What changes do we wish a producers make? Feel giveaway to let us know in a comments territory below.

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