Final Fantasy XIV is Still Experiencing Massive Server Issues

Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodSquare Enix

Ever given a recover of Stormblood final month, a Final Fantasy XIV servers have been experiencing large problems sporadically.

When we record into a game, we are greeted with a following message:

The FFXIV servers have been experiencing large DDoS attacks over a march of several days.

Your mileage might change on a problem, though a emanate has peaked adult a lot now in particular. The attacks are in try to overkill a servers and means mayhem for all a players. The people doing a conflict don’t unequivocally get anything out of this though it inconveniences a players. Square Enix ensures that no personal information is during interest as a outcome of these attacks.

The attacks started Jun 16, though are still inspiring a diversion roughly a month later. The diversion leads we to this link for some-more information.

This is a news per a network technical problems that occurred on Jun. 16, 2017, Jun. 18, 2017, and are still occurring on Jun. 20, 2017.

We have reliable that given Jun. 16th, we have been experiencing DDoS attacks* from an unknown third-party targeting a FINAL FANTASY XIV diversion servers on a NA information center.

Our technical staff is holding each probable magnitude to residence this emanate though a conflict is still stability to take place by changing their methods during each moment. We will continue to guard and work on liberation from each probable angle.

* What is a DDoS Attack?
An conflict attempting to boost a server bucket to an endless turn by flooding a network of a targeted servers regulating a large series of computers.

Due to this attack, a diversion servers, network apparatus and network tie are being strike with complicated bucket during an endless level, that is causing a separation from a diversion and login difficulties.

Our technical staff is stability to work on countermeasures for this issue.

However, with a conflict we are now experiencing, usually a large series of entrance attempts are being made, so impression information and personal information purebred to a customers’ accounts are not in risk of being exposed.

We apologize for any nuisance this might be causing.

We also have this post from today, that now says a problems should have subsided.

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