Final Fantasy XIV is using a giveaway login debate until early January

Play 96 hours for free

Every so often, generally during peace spots like right now, a Final Fantasy XIV group re-ignites their giveaway login campaign. You can take advantage of it starting this week by Jan 4, with some provisos attached.

For one, once we record in, your 4 day timer will start — that gives we 96 sum hours if we play but stopping, to locate up. Honestly given that this is a catch-up patch, it’s doable so prolonged as we have during slightest one max-level impression hold over from a Stormblood launch — outward of Savage and Ultimate calm of course.

At a impulse many of a hardcore playerbase is possibly still going by a Ultimate raid difficulty, or holding a mangle until 4.2 hits. Once that arrives we can demeanour brazen to some-more calm like dungeons, a new EX boss, another raid tier, a rebooted Relic rigging complement “Eureka,” and some-more . We’ll expected get some-more info on 4.2 mid-December, when a year’s final writer tide is scheduled.

Free Login Campaign [Lodestone]

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