Final Fantasy XIV is kicking off the Halloween themed All Saints …

To Nov 1

Although Final Fantasy XIV is upheld by large calm rags each 3 months or so (which follow a same settlement of catch-up, hardcore raid content, catch-up, and so on), it also sports pointless themed events from time to time.

That includes a annual “All Saints Wake” celebration, that is themed after Halloween and typically includes a brief (hour max) questline, as good as a ability to acquire several pieces of scary rigging like vampire robes or cat outfits.

This year’s eventuality will run from Oct 19 until Nov 1, and will underline some-more beast/cat outfits formed on a teaser image. Square Enix will share some-more per a sum of a eventuality soon, though for now we can symbol your calendar. While we don’t spend a whole lot of time on these, it’s good timing with a new attainment of 4.1.

Final Fantasy XIV [Twitter]

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