Final Fantasy XIV Interview — Stormblood’s Success, Romance, Graphics Upgrades and More

The dirt has staid given a recover of Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest enlargement Stormblood, and it’s time to reconnect with Director Naoki Yoshida and hear directly from a Lion’s mouth how things are going during Square Enix.

Alongside Yoshida-san, we also had a discuss during Gamescom with Main Scenario Writer Natsuko Ishikawa, who is definitely a vital writer to a peculiarity of a expansion, deliberation that one of a vital offered prove was a good story.

Giuseppe: Stormblood appears to have been viewed unequivocally well, and we recently listened that a diversion achieved record highs subscribers after a recover of a expansion. How do we feel about a formula of a release? Is there something specific that players scream “Yoshidaaaaa!” about? 

Naoki Yoshida: Like with Heavensward, we were on a parsimonious growth report for Stormblood, and we never unequivocally had a time to stop and simulate heading to a launch. It was viewed unequivocally well, improved than we expected. It’s regarded unequivocally highly, with a good reception. Of march it was surprising, though during a same time, it done us unequivocally happy.

On tip of a accepting being unequivocally positive, we also see returning players bringing in new players, adding to a volume of “Warriors of Light” that are playing Final Fantasy XIV. There were some areas in that people complained in terms of pursuit balance, and some players felt that it was a small off, though this has been addressed by a teenager rags heading adult to 4.06. we consider things have staid down during this point.

Natsuko Ishikawa: With the Stormblood story, it shifts to opposite regions within Eorzea, and opposite tools of a world. We were kind of disturbed how in a genuine universe any nation would strech to a opposite settings, though it seems everybody adore a story, and it was viewed positively. Of march I’m happy about it, though during a same time, I’m agreeably astounded as well.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview -- Stormblood's Success, Romance, Graphics Upgrades and More

Warning: The following doubt and answer competence be deliberate a mild spoiler if we have not played Stormblood‘s categorical story query yet.

G:  For a initial time in a Final Fantasy XIV story there appears to be an component of intrigue between a actor impression and Lyse. It is unequivocally subtle, and we trust that it could be interpreted both as adore or as a clever friendship. Is this a scold interpretation, and was it dictated for players to be means to appreciate a attribute romantically, if they so wanted?

NI: It’s not deliberately meant to clearly prove that there is a regretful feeling between Lyse and a actor character, though a Warrior of Light is a poignant figure within a area during this prove in a narrative, and a allies’ bond has turn unequivocally strong.

In Final Fantasy XIV a writers can't establish a character’s age or sex, so we do wish there to be room for imagination. Perhaps Lyse does feel something that’s some-more than friendship? It’s good to leave it to a imagination.

NY: Even I, when we was looking during some of a discourse involving Lyse and even Alisae, suspicion “oh, this can be taken a certain way.” we consider that comes from a clever indebtedness these characters feel towards a Warrior of Light. For example, if it so happens that a actor is male, personification a masculine character, it could simply give that arrange of thought that maybe there is a chance. It’s definitely not strange, and we consider maybe Ishikawa-san is maybe deliberately essay that into a dialogue.

But during a same time, as another example, if a actor is a woman, utilizing a womanlike character, or if he is a male personification a womanlike character, we could simply take a discourse as clever difference of indebtedness towards a clever woman. we consider Ishikawa-san was means to write a lines so good that it can be interpreted in possibly way.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview -- Stormblood's Success, Romance, Graphics Upgrades and More

G: Many renouned MMORPG, when they are a few years into their life cycle, have their engine updated in sequence to keep adult with a heading corner of visuals and tech. Is that something we competence be deliberation for Final Fantasy XIV?

NY: I won’t contend that it’s totally out of a question. Considerations should be made, though in terms of a formulation for Final Fantasy XIV, there are certain elements of a subsequent enlargement that we already have to start meditative about and creation skeleton for. There are no specific skeleton for a graphics engine refurbish during this point, though there is a transparent reason for that.

Previously, with MMORPGs there were sorts of updates to a graphics engine – I’m unequivocally wakeful of that – though during a same time, a visible customary for online games and MMORPGs in sold was going during a certain pace, relating a advances of a machines those titles ran on. There were large gaps that indispensable to be filled, and that’s since a games indispensable to refurbish their engines to locate adult to a hardware. Developers did not wish their MMORPGs to run during a reduce graphics peculiarity that was viewed to be a customary in terms of hardware. As a roof was raised, a MMORPGs’ graphics also indispensable to locate up.

Nowadays, generally with console hardware, what is deliberate to be a tip of a graphics tube is most different. It not unequivocally used for MMORPGs or multiplayer games, though it’s some-more directed during single-player games.  Top turn record is designed to arrangement singular actor games with unequivocally high graphics quality.

For example, Horizon Zero Dawn: if we were to use a same engine for Final Fantasy XIV, it would not be optimal. It doesn’t support a mandate of an MMORPG. We wouldn’t have to reduce a series of characters rendered during a same time. There indeed isn’t a large opening between a ability of a hardware and what we’re perplexing to grasp in a MMORPG.

Within Square Enix’s Business Division 5,  we do RD with updated record for rendered graphics, and we also do a lot of investigate on a graphics tube aspect. For instance, there is tech that can cringe or increase a character’s student depending on how most light there is. It’s definitely not unfit to exercise that into a game, though if you’re regulating a appurtenance that can run a diversion stably during sixty frames-per-second, this tech competence delayed down a performance, and dump a support rate maybe down to thirty frames per second. Would we unequivocally wish something like that? Is it value it?

Lastly, and this could also be a problem, going behind to a instance about Horizon, it took them 6 years to make that epic game, and if we were to run on a same kind of graphics engine, and we were to work on identical technology, utilizing a identical pipeline, only implementing new rigging could take us even dual years. Would we be means to wait that long?

Final Fantasy XIV Interview -- Stormblood's Success, Romance, Graphics Upgrades and More

G: The student tech seems to be a bit profusion maybe…  But we could during slightest get that boundary slider… [Editor’s Note: The “butt slider is — depending on who we ask to — partial using joke, and partial renouned ask among players. With a pierce from chronicle 1.X to A Realm Reborn, the rears of many characters have been extremely flattened, and many would adore to be means to have some-more curvy alter-egos with a doing of a dedicated impression customization slider]

NY: People still move that up, mh? (Laughs) Of course, if we were to exercise some arrange of new technology, we competence indeed concentration on a optimization of characters.

G: For a longest time, behaving in-game activities while AFK [Away from a Keyboard] was deliberate unequivocally negatively by MMORPG developers and players. Nowadays a trend has been changing, with some renouned games implementing some singular forms of AFK progression, with players means to leave their characters logged in behaving things like fishing, or solemnly leveling adult by violence on a mannequin. It’s function generally with Korean MMOs. What are your feeling about this kind of activities? Are they being deliberate for Final Fantasy XIV?

NY: You mentioned Korea, and that arrange of activity is indeed secure in Korean games, and there is a reason since that enlightenment is brewing. In Korea, a game’s opening is judged on how prolonged players are logged in from internet cafes. High trade in that instruction helps a diversion being famous as behaving well, so players can't be authorised to run out of things to do, they always have something to do and be logged in, even if it’s botting. That’s a substructure of how that trend started.

With Final Fantasy XIV, we now have no skeleton during all for that kind of activities. This isn’t since of a specific policy, though we don’t wish to give a users a thought that they contingency be logged in during all times, or else they’d be blank out on something.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview -- Stormblood's Success, Romance, Graphics Upgrades and More

Rather than meditative that it’s certain that we can perform activities while AFK, players tend to demeanour during it negatively, and consider that they’re blank out if they can’t attend in those activities [if they’re implemented]. For example, let’s contend that we have a lot of giveaway time, and I’m means to leave my impression in diversion fishing, since Ishikawa-san is unequivocally bustling and she is incompetent to record into a diversion during all. She would demeanour during me and consternation since we get an advantage. Players who wouldn’t be means to keep their characters logged in would be dissatisfied, and competence consider that they can’t locate to those who can. They competence even quit a game.

With Final Fantasy XIV a calm is set adult so that we can play in brief time spans, logging in a small bit of time any day. Even if we take a mangle from a game, we can always come behind and we still have a possibility to locate adult to those who are on a front lines. You can play unequivocally flexibly, so we trust that kind of complement is not necessary.

Not only us, though we trust World of Warcraft is identical as well: we’re not disturbed about a point users. We demeanour some-more to a daily active users and a monthly active users. There is no need for all of a players to be logged in during all times. That being said, if there is a aloft direct from players worldwide, if for peculiarity of life or for a consequence of a player’s experience, that arrange of activity is necessary, we would like to hear feedback, to see if a players enterprise it.

If we wish to review some-more about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, we can also check out a review. The diversion is now accessible for PS4 and PC.

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