Final Fantasy XIV Interview Sheds Light on Story Development

Final Fantasy XIV’s Story Brought It Back from a Dead

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn brought a strange launch behind from disaster and recently upheld 14 million accumulative players worldwide. And one of a categorical reasons is a narrative, that weaves a characters and tract into a action, creation it feel unequivocally interactive.

Final Fantasy IV Stormblood

FFXIV’s categorical unfolding author Natsuko Ishikawa and science developer Banri Oda recently discussed a hurdles of building a FFXIV story after a initial failure.

“That players’ practice change tremendously is indeed one indicate that we try to keep a consistent recognition of,” Ishikawa said. “Currently, there are no vital branching differences in a story between opposite players, though we do still wish to give a extended range for roleplaying in terms of a romantic proceed and connection players have to a actions they perform in opposite situations. The discourse options in conversations are one try during formulating that.”

“One other thing we are wakeful of during a same time is that this is a diversion in a Final Fantasy series,” he added. “For example, we do not consider that a actor characters should be means to turn criminals or perform infamous and heartless actions that are tough to watch. The story is critical and facilities a lot of tragedy and hardship, though it is also a story of walking towards a light, and that underpins a thinking.”

Oda overwhelmed on a essay and how it ties into a underlying story.

“I consider a many critical thing is that a actor characters should be a protagonists of a story,” he said. “This might sound like something that is so apparent it goes though saying, though it’s hugely important. It’s unequivocally easy for characters like those in FFXIV, who can be openly customised by a actor and that do not pronounce in cutscenes, to turn small bystanders in a story.”

“Because of that, when we write a story, we unequivocally concentration on creation it feel like events are centred around a Warriors of Light (the actor characters) themselves, though though regulating down a personalities of those characters, to give a good extent of event for roleplaying.”


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