Final Fantasy XIV Holding Furnishing Design Contest

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So, we play Final Fantasy XIV, right? And in it we have a residence to call your own, right? Well, a residence is zero though an dull bombard though equipment to fill it up, right? So, you’ve left around a land and looked during a furnishings and other equipment that we can put in it and we usually don’t like any of them! What are we to do? Well, what if we could pattern your own? What if your pattern could be given to a whole playerbase? Well, Square Enix is giving we a possibility to do accurately that.

Welcome to a Final Fantasy XIV Furnishing Contest! In this contest, you’ll put your art and pattern skills to a exam to try and emanate a square of seat that would demeanour good in not usually your home, though a homes of players opposite a land! Do we consider we have what it takes?

Final Fantasy XIV

Now, to be clear, there are manners for this pattern contest, not a slightest of that is that there are boundary to who can attend (based on country) so be certain to check out a site (via a couple above) to see if we qualify.

If we do, afterwards it’s time to get to work. You need to digitally pull (or pull physically and take a design of) a square of seat that we feel fits a character of Final Fantasy XIV in some way. Then, in an email to a team, you’ll need to tell them about your furniture. What kind of difficulty it fits into, what element it’s done of, etc. You’ll also need to make 3 pics of your square so they can see it from a front, side, and back.

There is no extent to how many entries we can put in, so go nuts if we wish to. The competition is live now, and will go on until a 28th.

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