Final Fantasy XIV HD Hairworks 2 Mod Introduces Reworked Hair Textures

A new mod has been expelled recently for Final Fantasy XIV, a renouned MMORPG grown by Square Enix now out on PC and PlayStation 4, improving some of a game’s textures.

The new mod, called a Hairworks 2 Mod, introduces reworked hair textures for all races and genders. Textures were upscaled to 4x a original, edited and afterwards downsampled to 2x a strange size.

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Over 700 Reworked textures for Every race, and gender including Miqote tails.
Textures were Upscaled to 4x a original, Edited on in Photoshop in many areas hand-drawn hold ups regulating a HUION Q11K.
Then a finished work was downsampled to 2x a strange size.

1. Download a mod record and empty it anywhere we like though remember where it’s saved.
2. Download and implement Liinko’s Textools 1.8.5 or Higher and launch a program.
3. In a tip right of a module click “Mods” and afterwards “Import ModPack”
4. Find a .ttmp record we downloaded and import all a textures.
5. Congrats! we only commissioned about 2 months of my life widespread about and opposite 778 textures. 3 we wish we suffer it!

You can download a mod by streamer over to Nexus Mods.

Final Fantasy XIV is now accessible on PC and PlayStation 4 in all regions.

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