Final Fantasy XIV has a flattering extraordinary warn for hardcore raiders

Omega Savage’s tip final encounter

Yesterday, a Savage problem of a Omega raid forsaken in Final Fantasy XIV.

For a uninformed this is fundamentally a “hardcore” mode on tip of the initial unchanging Omega wing — a common of encounters for a 1% of raiders that need a good understanding of communication and ability to complete. Over time some-more and some-more folks will expected tackle them with crescendoing gear, yet for now they’re not going to be seen by a immeasurable infancy of a playerbase.

That includes this special new quarrel that’s disdainful to Savage. If we don’t wish any spoilers, either you’re in a course immobile or only in general, don’t continue reading.


Yep! Just like a core Final Fantasy boss, Exdeath morphs into Neo Exdeath mid-fight with one of a coolest transitions I’ve ever seen in a game. It helps that Exdeath is one of a some-more noted final encounters in a story of a series, as he’s one of several foes (like Kefka) that doesn’t give approach to a “real final boss,” — he becomes it.

Currently I’m operative on Savage 2 with my i320 Paladin, yet we don’t have a dedicated immobile anymore. This fight, however, is creation me recur fasten another one.

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